BlackBerry is Actually a Cheap 5G Play

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Last Friday, I asked if you remembered mixtapes, and this week I’m wondering you if you can remember BlackBerry (NYSE:BB).

When you left the office back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, you were at risk. You had primitive mobile devices and no way to check email or text.

I remember going through a litany of devices, and they each kind of worked, but nothing like BlackBerry. I became plugged in from Central China to Russia to Latin America. Even at sea, my BlackBerry always worked.


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And it worked with absolute security, even with barely a single bar of coverage. But while the company’s devices did the heavy lifting, they weren’t up for games, posting odd photos of celebrity chef plates or cat videos like its peers’ fast-growing rivals.

BlackBerry was dumb enough to blow its advantages in mobile devices. But like my recommendation last

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