A BizOps Manifesto aims to close gap between business, IT

A coalition of software industry leaders today is releasing a BizOps Manifesto, a framework that aims to finally address the need for the business and IT sides of an enterprise to work toward common outcomes that drive the bottom line.

In its announcement, the BizOps Coalition said a recent survey showed that more than three-quarters of respondents indicated that “the disconnect between IT and business units results in significant costs,” while also creating waste and stymieing innovation.

“To us, this is a progression of 20 years of transformation in the industry,” said Serge Lucio, an author of the manifesto and vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Software Division at Broadcom, which is driving a BizOps initiative. “It started about 20 years ago with the Agile Manifesto, and as we’ve seen in the last five years, a lot of standards and agile consultants have started talking about elevating

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