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Own Bitcoin? Your Plan needs Updating.

In August of 2020 Bitcoin surged in value to more than $11,000. Though this does not beat the $20,000 Bitcoin achieved in 2017 and it has fallen back to since then, it does show that Bitcoin is a valuable asset that more and more people own. It is estimated that 25% of individuals between the ages of 24 and 38 own one or more cryptocurrencies and a growing number of mainstream business such as Whole Foods
, Expedia
(and even some law firms) accept cryptocurrency in payment of goods and services. With this increase in both value and use, cryptocurrency become an increasingly important factor in income and estate tax planning, both during your lifetime and after your death.

Here are a few of the points where planning for the use and

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Forget gold and Bitcoin. I’d follow Warren Buffett and buy cheap shares to get rich

The idea of buying cheap shares may seem less appealing after the stock market crash. It highlighted the volatility that can be present in the stock market over short time periods. It also showed that paper losses that can be incurred by any investor.

However, over the long run, purchasing undervalued companies could be a profitable move. It’s a strategy that’s been used to great effect by Warren Buffett. The billionaire investor has used market downturns to his advantage over many years.

As such, avoiding popular assets such as Bitcoin and gold to buy bargain stocks may be a sound move, despite heightened short-term risks.

The appeal of cheap shares

Cheap shares can sometimes be priced at low levels because they offer disappointing investment outlooks. For example, they may have high debt levels or a weak strategy that’s in need of major change.

However, in some cases, undervalued stocks can

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Want to make a million after the market crash? I’d avoid Bitcoin and buy cheap UK shares

The stock market crash has led to an abundance of cheap UK shares. However, at the same time, many investors are moving away from FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 buying opportunities in favour of other assets such as Bitcoin.

a man and a woman sitting on a boat: Happy retired couple on a yacht

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Happy retired couple on a yacht

Certainly, the virtual currency has produced impressive gains in recent months. For example, it has risen almost 50% this year while the FTSE 100 has moved 20% lower.


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However, in the long run undervalued shares could offer superior returns than the cryptocurrency. Their low valuations could even help you to make a million.

Cheap UK shares with recovery potential

The track record of the stock market shows that buying cheap UK shares can be a profitable long-term strategy. Indexes such as the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 have experienced a number of downturns over recent decades. While

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Forget the rising gold and Bitcoin prices. I’d buy cheap UK shares to make a million

The disappointing recent performance of UK shares has been in sharp contrast to the price rises of Bitcoin and gold. They have gained 50% and 25% respectively since the start of the year. Meanwhile, the FTSE 100 is currently down around 20% over the same time period.

A depiction of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

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A depiction of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Despite this, buying British stocks could prove to be a profitable move over the long run. Many high-quality businesses are currently trading at low prices. This suggests they could offer strong capital growth. They could even improve your chances of making a million.


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Buying opportunities among UK shares

With many UK shares trading at low prices following the recent stock market crash, there appear to be numerous buying opportunities available to long-term investors. Certainly, in the short run, their prices could come under further pressure should there be continued

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CFTC files charges against four defendants in bitcoin investment fraud suit

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission said Monday that it had charged three Texas residents and one Florida resident for their role in defrauding investors of nearly $1 million via an alleged bitcoin investment fraud scheme.

The agency alleged that Joel Castaneda Garcia, Mayco Alexis Maldonado Garcia, Cesar Castaneda, and Rodrigo Jose Castro Molina “falsely represented to actual and potential customers that their business, named Global Trading Club (GTC), employed ‘master traders’ who had years of experience trading ‘crypto currency,’ and used ‘cutting edge trading robots’ to trade Bitcoin for customers ’24 hours a day, 7 days a week.'”

“Customers were also falsely promised a bonus for referring others, in the form of a multi-level marketing scheme. To conceal their fraud, the defendants caused misleading trading statements to be posted online,” the agency went on to explain.

In sum, 27 investors were impacted by the fraud, taking in “at least $989,000”

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Forget Bitcoin! I’d invest money in these 2 cheap UK shares now to get rich and retire early

Some investors may feel that Bitcoin’s recent price rise makes it a more attractive opportunity than cheap UK shares. However, low valuations across the stock market and its track record of recovery suggest that a diverse portfolio of shares could offer superior risk/reward attributes than the cryptocurrency over the long run.

As such, now could be the right time to build a portfolio of high-quality stocks that trade at low prices. Here are two examples of such companies. They may improve your prospects of retiring early.

An attractive opportunity among cheap UK shares

Barratt’s (LSE: BDEV) 32% share price fall this year means that it appears to offer good value for money among cheap UK shares. It faces an uncertain future, but the housebuilder could benefit from the stamp duty holiday. The company seems to be breathing life back into the property market. And low interest rates may help

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Forget Bitcoin and gold! I’d invest money in cheap UK shares to retire rich

The prices of Bitcoin and gold have both been strong so far this year. And that could tempt some people into investing in those vehicles. But I reckon cheap UK shares are a better route to retiring rich.

Why cheap UK shares?

My concern is that gold and Bitcoin have both been riding high for a long time. And, to me, the risk of price reversals looks elevated. Investor speculation drives both markets more than underlying fundamentals. And sentiment can change at any time. I think Bitcoin and gold look risky right now.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic caused the stock market crash in the spring and many shares still trade below their pre-Covid-19 levels. In many cases, the damage the pandemic has caused to underlying businesses may prove to be short term. Indeed, some enterprises are adapting well to the new trading conditions. And many firms will likely stage a

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Forget Bitcoin, gold and buy-to-let! I’d invest money in these 2 cheap UK shares today

Investing in cheap UK shares after the market crash may not be an obvious decision in the eyes of some investors. After all, the uncertain economic outlook may make other assets such as Bitcoin, gold or buy-to-let property seem more appealing due to their stronger recent performances.

However, buying a selection of undervalued British stocks could be a more profitable move in the long run. Their low prices and recovery potential could allow them to outperform more popular assets over the long run.

With that in mind, here are two FTSE 100 stocks that appear to offer good value for money. They could be worth buying today.

A buying opportunity among cheap UK shares

Tesco (LSE: TSCO) appears to offer good value for money relative to other cheap UK shares. The company’s forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 13.5 suggests that it offers a wide margin of safety.

The retailer’s recent

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Avoiding Regulation Is Counterproductive For Bitcoin Adoption, Former Visa Exec Says

The first sentence of the famous bitcoin white paper reads:

“A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.”

The problem here is that if global adoption was the goal, it’s difficult to eliminate financial institutions — especially if you’re targeting developed markets where the financial systems are matured and reliable. The growing number of crypto debit card offerings suggests that crypto firms are beginning to understand this.

Earlier this year, American crypto exchange Coinbase became the first pure-play cryptocurrency company to receive principal membership from Visa — a status that means that Coinbase can now issue a debit card for itself and other

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