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Amazon’s New Biometric Tech Lets You Pay With Your Palm

Amazon wants to make your offline shopping experience a lot more contactless. The e-commerce company is introducing a new biometric technology that can identify you and verify your credit card purchases at stores by simply scanning your palm.

Called Amazon One, this technology will soon begin showing up in Amazon’s own retail stores — starting with two of the company’s Amazon Go outlets in Seattle.

However, Amazon says it’s planning to license the tech to third parties as well and expand beyond just contactless payments. With Amazon One, employees could, for instance, authenticate themselves into offices using their palms or customers could use their loyalty subscriptions at stores without the need to always physically carry the cards. Essentially, Amazon hopes to turn your palm into an all-encompassing ID system for all your cards and identification with Amazon One.

Amazon One

Amazon One will be available inside terminals at the entrance of stores

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Idex Biometrics, Egis, Goodix, FPC fight for share in growing biometric card and mobile device markets

Biometrics stocks news this week includes a new biometric payment card partnership for Idex Biometrics, a suit filed by Egis against Goodix, and some market projections from Fingerprint Cards. Meanwhile, secunet has joined the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s SDAX, and Plurilock has launched its stock for public investment in Canada.

Idex signs new biometric card manufacturing partnership

Smart card and software-maker Ubivelox and Idex Biometrics have formed a strategic partnership to build and market a complete biometric payment card solution for Ubivelox’ customer base of more than 140 companies across the Asia-Pacific region, and those that issue Mastercard and Visa in particular.

A secure element from an unnamed international provider with integrated power management, along with the TrustedBio fingerprint biometric-sensor-on-chip will be used in the design. Idex Biometrics has an established partnership with secure element provider Infineon.

“This represents yet another significant step forward for IDEX and provides extensive coverage in

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Biometric payment cards enter the spotlight as European spending habits shift

Biometric cards have garnered more attention in recent times through various trials, but the coronavirus pandemic looks set to accelerate their adoption with a series of major card issuers beginning to roll out the technology.

In France, BNP Paribas is preparing to make 10,000 to 15,000 biometric cards available for the first time this fall, in partnership with Visa and Swedish fintech Fingerprint Cards, which integrates fingerprint sensor technology into a payment smart card. Crédit Agricole is following suit, with plans in place to launch biometric cards at three regional banks by the end of 2020.

“We see momentum in the market,” said Michel Roig, senior vice president of business line payments and access at Fingerprint Cards. “To date, 21 dual-interface biometric payment card market trials have been conducted in the world, and the feedback has in general been very good. People find biometric cards to be convenient, secure and

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