How patience and partnership built a billion-dollar data center business

“I had come up through my career as a builder, and I looked at America and saw this powerful thing called the internet,” said Murphy, 60, who lived and started businesses in Europe for two decades. “I said to myself, ‘There has to be a nexus where physical world meets virtual world. Where is that nexus?’ And I said, ‘data centers.’”

DigiPlexs speaks to the advantages of patient money and buy-and-hold investing, the antithesis of private equity’s classic model of buy-fix-sell within six years.

“If you find the right business and the right person to run it, there’s a lot to be said for staying on and letting the money compound. That’s the Buffett model,” said Conway, referring to legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Data centers house the brains and heart of the digital age, or where “the cloud” lives. They house thousands of computers that help stream your Netflix videos,

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