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Mazagon Dock – Bulls Vs Bears Case: Anil Singhvi explains strategy investors must follow

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Anil Singhvi Managing Editor of Zee Business says listing of Mazagon Dock today was much above the issue price but didn’t open as strong as it was expected. Some buying is happening in this counter but that was also not as strong as expected. The Market Guru said this is the first time in IPO history, on the listing day the channel is doing Bulls vs Bears case for a newly listed company. The reason for doing this analysis today is to help those participants understand who have got allotment about what they should do from here – hold or exit. It is also about telling those investors who didn’t get the allotment, whether they should invest at current market price.  

Bulls Case:  

Mazagon Dock is the only PSU shipyard company that makes conventional submarines and destroyers for Indian Navy. Order book of the company

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Weekly S&P500 ChartStorm – Retail Bulls Vs Insti Bears

Those that follow my personal account on Twitter will be familiar with my weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm in which I pick out 10 charts on the S&P 500 to tweet. Typically I’ll pick a couple of themes to explore with the charts, but sometimes it’s just a selection of charts that will add to your perspective and help inform your own view – whether its bearish, bullish, or something else!

The purpose of this note is to add some extra context and color. It’s worth noting that the aim of the #ChartStorm isn’t necessarily to arrive at a certain view but to highlight charts and themes worth paying attention to. But inevitably if you keep an eye on the charts they tend to help tell the story, as you will see below.

So here’s another S&P 500 #ChartStorm write-up!!

1. Starting off this week with some interesting perspective: this new

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Bears’ Mitch Trubisky vs. Giants: Will he have a big game?

Mitch Trubisky was benched before halftime of the season opener by countless Bears fans on social media.

That’s probably going to happen when the quarterback blows a third-and-1 sneak on the game’s first series, adds a turnover on downs to the mix and, late in the half, accomplishes precisely zilch in the hurry-up offense. Especially when it follows three years of a lot of, shall we say, Trubisky-ing.

Fortunately, coach Matt Nagy stuck with his guy, who pulled the Bears’ fannies from the fire with a fourth-quarter comeback for a 27-23 win against the Lions. But you probably knew that already.

Enough about last weekend. How will Trubisky play Sunday against the Giants at Soldier Field? That question led the agenda for this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter.

Will he crush it? Will he get crushed? Or somewhere in that shaky in-between?

“How can

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