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Alaska’s Senate race rocked by leaked videos, China ties and even a dead bear

With just weeks to go before the November election, a sleeper U.S. Senate race in a deeply Republican state is starting to garner some attention.

A poll released on Sept. 28 showed Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan with a razor-thin 1 point lead over his main challenger, Al Gross, an orthopedic surgeon. 

While Gross is technically an independent, Democrats are backing him as part of the party’s efforts to gain a majority in the closely divided Senate. And their battle has been roiled by a series of controversies, including leaked videos and a dispute over an alleged bear attack. 

Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) speaks during a Senate Armed Services hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, U.S. May 7, 2020. (Al Drago/Pool via reuters)
Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on May 7. (Al Drago/Pool via Reuters)

Gross, whose father was the state’s Democratic attorney general in the 1970s, has leaned on his colorful background in his effort to unseat Sullivan. His ads have described him as having been “born

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The September Selloff: A Healthy Correction, Or The Start Of A New Bear Market?

On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, Quantitative Investment Strategist Dr. Kara Ng and Head of AIS Business Solutions Sophie Antal Gilbert discussed the recent market selloff and the performance disparities between growth and value stocks this year. They also provided an update on the potential for a second U.S. fiscal stimulus package.

The known unknowns: Culprits of the recent market selloff?

Since charting a new record high on Sept. 2, Ng noted that the S&P 500 Index has fallen nearly 10%. Does this mean the U.S. equity market is experiencing a correction – or could the recent selloff mark the start of a new bear market?

“While 2020 has taught us to be humble with our predictions, the information we have today indicates that September’s selloff is likely just a market correction,” she stated. Ng noted that the downturn in equities is a bit unusual, as

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H-1B visa regulations expected to be revised; tech workers could bear the brunt

a book on a table: H-1B visa regulations expected to be revised; tech workers could bear the brunt

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H-1B visa regulations expected to be revised; tech workers could bear the brunt

For H-1B workers, things might go further down before America votes to select the new President on November 3. For, the Department of Homeland and Security’s (DHS) proposed changes to the H-1B programme might just take effect before the US gets the new President.

On September 4, DHS submitted the regulation to strengthen the H-1B programme to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The OMB has 90 days to review the regulation and once OMB clears the regulation, it is likely to take effect immediately.

Fragomen, one of the leading immigration law firms in the US, said in a blog that it could take less than 90 days for the agency to review “given the rule’s importance to the Trump Administration”.

What are these changes?

Details of these changes are kept confidential of

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