Macon girl and UPS driver strike friendship over her beaded jewelry business

Kinsley Teal runs her own business making beaded jewelry. One day her local UPS driver purchased a bracelet giving her words of encouragement.

MACON, Ga. — A Central Georgia girl is running her own business making beaded jewelry for people across the United States.

She recently made friends with a local UPS driver that keeps her business thriving.

“Since I was three, I did something with baby beads,” Kinsley Teal said. 

Ever since Kinsley was little she had a passion for crafting. 

“When I grew older, I wanted to make beads to sell,” Teal said.

This summer, Teal did just that in launching Beads by Kins. She specializes in beaded earrings, necklaces and more, which means her mailbox stays full. 

One day, UPS employee Ryan Mathis took an interest in all the packages. 

“I was asking, I was curious about it. I was asking what did she have going right

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