Japanese Consultant Becomes Billionaire By Battling Activist Investors

The recent rise of shareholder activism in Japan has boosted the stock price of Tokyo-listed IR Japan, a consultancy specializing in shareholder relations, elevating its CEO Shirou Terashita into the ranks of the world’s billionaires.

Terashita, 61, saw his fortune rise to $1 billion as shares of IR Japan soared 247% over the past year. He declined to comment for this story.

Investors are optimistic about the growth potential of the Tokyo-based firm, which is said to have a high level of expertise in proxy fights at shareholder annual general meetings and also provides advisory services like measures to counter activist investors.

In the quarter ended in June, IR Japan said its sales had jumped 9.7% from a year earlier to 2.38 billion yen (about $20 million). The company’s net profit came in at 913 million yen, up 7.8% from the

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