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How Blake Jamieson Expanded His Art Empire From Topps Project 2020 Baseball Cards

Blake Jamieson had a burning secret he held onto for months, not out of shame, but due to a contractual responsibility to keep quiet. As one of Topps’ featured Project 2020 artists, the lifelong baseball fan was forced to hide his excitement from family and friends.

“I was so excited,” Jamieson said. “What I was hoping would happen, happened, but then I couldn’t tell anybody. That was a tough like four or five months before I could talk about it.”

Jamieson is one of 20 artists Topps hired to reimagine 20 classic baseball cards for their on-demand Project 2020 series. The cards have been released in 48-hour windows throughout the season, allowing each artist to put their signature design on every card. During the initial release however, he had tempered expectations for how collectors would welcome the

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Does Minor League Baseball Have An Alternative Plan To MLB’s Proposal?

Whether it’s a multi-billion dollar deal or a pair of siblings haggling over what to watch, any wise negotiator has to know what they can do if they are presented with a less-than-desired deal.

And in any significant discussion, a wise negotiator will have already analyzed a multitude of options for both their sides before they ever sit down and talk.

Part of that analysis is to map out the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) for both sides. A negotiating team needs to know what its alternatives are if it decides to walk away from the negotiation. Ideally, it needs to know its adversary’s alternatives as well.

Over the past year of Major League Baseball’s negotiations with Minor League Baseball over the future of the minor leagues, MLB’s BATNA has been clear. With no deal, MLB could walk away from its current relationship with MiLB and set up

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