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are these cheap UK shares brilliant bargains or investment traps?

It now seems like an age ago when the Covid-19 crisis exploded and UK share investors panic-sold everything including the kitchen sink.

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A lack of significant interest from dip buyers, however, since the stock market crash of late February and early March means plenty of UK shares still trade on rock-bottom valuations.

A terrific dip-buying opportunity?

Our view of the 2020 stock market crash here at The Motley Fool is clear. We reckon the correction provides an exceptional opportunity for investors to get seriously rich in the years ahead.

There are too many top-quality UK shares that were oversold during the initial crash to miss. We can buy these for low cost today and possibly get stinking rich as they rebound in value once market confidence begins to recover.

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Mumbai’s rich are picking up some ‘cheap’ bargains on property

At the top end of its property market, Mumbai is seeing some major erosion in asking prices and the final deal price. COVID-19 has removed some of the inflated bubble that category had been in for some time.
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One of the world’s most desirable real estate markets, Mumbai, is still open for business. But is anyone really interested in buying anything aside from essentials, masks and, may be, some peace of mind?

Yes, they are buying real estate… and not just Chanel face masks. People who are in the market are closing deals swiftly. And why wouldn’t they, given apartments in the Worli area of South Mumbai are at 62 million rupees versus the initial asking price of 95 million rupees. And a 100 million rupees apartment is available for a negotiable 85 million rupees.

New developments are being purchased at 95 million rupees from

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Looking for FTSE 250 bargains? I’d buy these cheap UK shares

I think there are plenty of bargains in the FTSE 250 at present. And with that in mind, I’m going to take a look at two cheap UK shares which I reckon would fit well into any portfolio. 

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Cheap UK shares

Virgin Money (LSE: VMUK) stands out to me as one of the most undervalued stocks in the FTSE 250 right now. The company, which is an amalgamation of Virgin Money and the CYBG Group, is one of the UK’s most recognisable challenger banks.


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Over the past five years, the business has gone from strength to strength as it reinforced its position in the UK banking market. Virgin Money’s merger with CYBG made the group a force to be reckoned with, and analysts were predicting big things

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13 Cheap Stocks That Aren’t Really Bargains for Value Investors

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The hunt is on for stocks that have been discounted more than their earnings are expected to fall.


Growth investing has been the dominant style in 2020, as ultralow interest rates have made future cash flows more valuable today. And a deep economic recession has emphasized those companies that can grow their business despite a challenging environment.


Russell 1000 Growth

index has returned more than 32% since the start of the year including dividends, while the

Russell 1000 Value

has lost more than 9%. Value underperformed during the market’s tumble in February and March, and has continued to lag behind on the way back up.

The wide divergence, concentration of megacap tech firms such as


(ticker: AAPL),


(AMZN), and


(MSFT), and rich valuations for many growth stocks have some on Wall Street pounding the table for a rebound in value stocks. Others note

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