Pockets full of cash that bankrolled the visa scam linked to former Liberal MP: ICAC

The inquiry has also called Liberal Oatley MP Mark Coure to give evidence next week, as well as Jock Sowter, director of strategy for Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

Real estate operator Angus McLaren on Thursday told the commission the “pretty good [visa] deal” was pitched to him in 2014 by investment consultant Maggie Wang, an associate of Mr Maguire.

Wagga Wagga businessman Angus McLaren.

Wagga Wagga businessman Angus McLaren.

He said he only realised he was involved in a scam when employees didn’t show and he started receiving envelopes full of cash.

“I didn’t suddenly have an epiphany and say, this was a scam… at that stage I thought we had already crossed the Rubicon and what do you do?,” he said.

Mr McLaren said he agreed to participate in the immigration scheme on the urging of Mr Maguire in 2014, trusting its legitimacy because of his position in office.

“I thought we lacked the

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