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Balance Transfer Cards Are Harder to Get Due to COVID-19. Can You Qualify?

Paying off debt is easier with balance transfer offers, but they might be running out.

In times of economic uncertainty, lending becomes riskier and creditors tighten their purse strings. The current recession, announced by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) just months after the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic, is no different.

While we haven’t seen massive shifts in lending yet, there have been notable changes. In particular, credit card issuers seem to be pulling back on balance transfer promotions. Some popular credit cards have dropped their balance transfer offers altogether, and many of the best balance transfer offers have shortened promotional periods. Meanwhile, standards to qualify for a balance transfer offer are rising.

If you’re facing an outstanding balance on your credit card and think a balance transfer to pay off debt could help, you might not be out of luck. Here’s what you need to

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Weekly S&P 500 ChartStorm – The Balance Is Shifting

Those that follow my personal account on Twitter will be familiar with my weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm in which I pick out 10 charts on the S&P 500 to tweet. Typically I’ll pick a couple of themes to explore with the charts, but sometimes it’s just a selection of charts that will add to your perspective and help inform your own view – whether its bearish, bullish, or something else!

The purpose of this note is to add some extra context and color. It’s worth noting that the aim of the #ChartStorm isn’t necessarily to arrive at a certain view but to highlight charts and themes worth paying attention to. But inevitably if you keep an eye on the charts they tend to help tell the story, as you will see below.

So here’s another S&P 500 #ChartStorm write-up!!

1. The 3200 floor is in place, for now… The S&P

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What is a credit card balance?

This article is brought to you by the Personal Finance Insider team. It has not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of the issuers listed. Some of the offers you see on the page are from our partners like Citi and American Express, but our coverage is always independent. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page.

  • A credit card balance is the amount of money charged to your credit card, and it represents how much you owe to the credit card company.
  • It’s crucial to avoid carrying a large balance on your card from month to month, because you’ll need to pay your bank interest for covering your expenses.
  • Your credit card balance has a big impact on your credit score, too. The lower your balance, the higher your score.
  • If you have a big credit card balance, you may want to consider transferring it to
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Balance transfer cards are harder to come by, here’s how to get one now

If you’ve thought about using a balance transfer card for debt consolidation, here’s what you need to know about getting one during the pandemic. (iStock)

If you have credit card debt, you may have heard about using the possibility of using a balance transfer card as a method of debt consolidation. However, what you may not know is that fewer card issuers have been offering this type of promotion during the coronavirus pandemic.

Read on below to learn more about what balance transfer cards are, how they work, and what it takes to get one in the current lending environment.

What are balance transfer cards?

As the name suggests, balance transfer cards allow you to transfer an existing balance from one credit card to another. In this scenario, you essentially use one card to pay off the other.

Multi-lender marketplace Credible has information on various types of credit cards,

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Kraft Heinz looks to balance ‘renovation and innovation’ in portfolio

DJ O’Keefe, 12, and his sister Dallas O’Keefe, 13, both of Rochester, NY, pose for a photo with the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, May 4, 2019.

Scott Morgan | Reuters

As Kraft Heinz tries to make its new customers stick around after the coronavirus pandemic, the company is rethinking its approach to how it responds to trends. 

“We need to make sure that going forward, we have the right balance of innovation and renovation,” Kraft Heinz’s head of U.S. business Carlos Abrams-Rivera said in an interview.

Shares of Kraft Heinz were up 1% in afternoon trading after the company presented its long-term turnaround plan to investors. As its blueprint is implemented, the company is projecting long-term organic sales growth of 1% to 2% and adjusted earnings per share growth of 4% to 6%.

In the past, according to Abrams-Rivera, Kraft

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3 Strategies to Help You Create a Meaningful Work-Life Balance in the Midst of Covid-19 Chaos

With Covid-19 impacting everything from our cleaning habits, dreams, and office locations to our finances, mental health, and what school looks like for our children, the idea of work-life balance is even more ridiculous now than ever before.

For most of us, thanks to Covid-19, everything not only looks different today; it feels different. We feel different. Our routines, habits, workplaces have changed or disappeared altogether. We’ve adapted to the increased amount of time with our loved ones and continue to mourn the closeness we’ve lost with others. We’re beginning to accept that things will never look the way they did, and we remain frustrated with our inability to plan for the future.

Those with children in school have

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