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Business in Aiken area a ‘mixed bag’ as COVID-19 pandemic continues | News

Business is brisk on a weekday morning in September at the Dunkin’ doughnut and coffee shop on Whiskey Road in Aiken.

A long line of cars is waiting to go through the drive-thru and a couple of customers are inside picking up their orders.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, “all my Dunkin’s are doing great,” said Charlie Hartz, a franchisee who operates the Whiskey Road Dunkin’ along with another on Richland Avenue West and a third in North Augusta.

“We are lucky to have a business model that sort of fits right in with what you’re able to do now,” Hartz continued. “People are comfortable with the drive-thrus because it’s contactless delivery. Dunkin’ also has a digital platform called Perks, which is a loyalty deal, and they (customers) can sign up and order on their phone. It makes things really easy.”

In addition, Hartz is co-owner of The

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Dr. Tonya Blackmon equips emerging business leaders with her highly anticipated virtual event titled: “Secure Your Own Bag” – Press Release

In the heat of the Summer, Dr. Tonya Blackmon, CEO/Founder of Conglomerate Empowerment, and her powerhouse speakers, turned the dial up a notch with her sizzling International Virtual Summit titled: “Secure Your Own Bag” this past August.  

As a highly sought-after Speaker/Webinar hosts, 2x Best-Selling Author and Business consultant, Dr. Tonya leverages more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experiences, global networks, and business savviness to help female-led Info Tech companies and tax-exempt nonprofits to secure contracts and grants.

Dr. Tonya’s innermost desire is to provide a platform (www.drtonyab.com) for emerging business owners to network, thrive, maximize grants, and find their ‘Wealthy Place!’

Each business leader offered invaluable business advice and wisdom to the event attendees and those who opted for the replay. (Still available for purchase.)

It’s no surprise that Secure Your Own Bag received such amazing reviews from attendees. 

The Powerhouse event had an assortment of compelling topics

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