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Some Lucrative Card Bonuses; How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Helped Women Get Credit Cards

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Paved the Way for Women to Get Credit Cards

If you are a woman who holds a credit card, you owe it in large part to the efforts of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In Reed v. Reed, the landmark 1971 case highlighted in the 2018 film “On The Basis Of Sex”, Ginsburg co-wrote a brief arguing that a provision of Idaho state law which said men were to be preferred to women in appointing the administrators of an estate violated the Constitution. The court agreed, finding unanimously that dissimilar treatment, “on the basis of sex,” between men and women was unconstitutional. [NextAdvisor]

Here’s Who Qualifies for Chase Sapphire Preferred’s New Massive, Limited-Time 80,000-Point Welcome Bonus

Chase just released its highest ever welcome bonus: eligible new Chase Sapphire Preferred Card applicants can earn 80,000

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legal work had a big impact on business in Northeast Ohio and beyond

Two cases with ties to Northeast Ohio are part of this Forbes analysis of the “indelible mark on American business” made by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday night, Sept. 18.

Forbes says that over the course of more than six decades in the law, Ginsburg “worked tirelessly to break down gender discrimination in American life and work, and to bring fairness to business.”

It then breaks down some of the most influential cases she was involved with, starting with Ledbetter vs. Goodyear, a landmark 2007 Supreme Court case in which Lilly Ledbetter accused Akron-based Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. of gender discrimination, alleging she was given a lower salary because she is a woman.

From the analysis:

Ledbetter lost, but not because of the merits of the case. The 5-4 majority ruled against Ledbetter because she didn’t file her claim within the required time period.

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Opinion | How Democrats Should Fight For Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Seat

This brings us to the most important step: Democrats should commit to the structural reforms necessary to undo the damage Republicans have wrought. Republicans were able to block Judge Merrick Garland and install a conservative majority on the Supreme Court despite representing less than half of the population. The Senate overrepresents white conservatives, while minority voters are more underrepresented than at any time since 1870. A white conservative minority imposing its will on a diverse majority — in part through federal judges serving lifetime appointments — is a fundamentally unhealthy dynamic for our democracy.

If Democrats win the White House and the Senate in November, they can pass reforms to rebalance our democracy through simple majority votes. The only thing standing in the way will be the filibuster — a procedural mutation that was not a part of the original Senate and that has been manipulated in recent decades to

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Indelible Mark On American Business

Over the course of a legal career that spanned more than six decades, the second-ever female Supreme Court Justice worked tirelessly to break down gender discrimination in American life and work, and to bring fairness to business. Here’s a look at some of her most influential cases.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew firsthand what it felt like to be discriminated against purely on the basis of her gender: As one of only nine female students at Harvard Law in 1956, she was famously asked why she was taking the place of a man. After she transferred to and graduated from Columbia, at the top of her class, she could barely get a job. And when she finally landed a teaching job at Rutgers School of Law in 1963, she hid her pregnancy under her mother-in-law’s baggy clothes until her contract was renewed.

These experiences would lay the groundwork for

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Lindsey Graham will play a central role in battle to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On Saturday, Graham was singing a different tune, pledging support for President Trump in “any effort to move forward regarding the recent vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ginsburg.”

The stark turnabout from 2016 marked the latest chapter in Graham’s dramatic reinvention of himself during the Trump presidency, morphing from an old-school Senate institutionalist and bipartisan dealmaker to a stalwart soldier for the president’s agenda.

And it holds the potential to be one of his most consequential shifts. Graham is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee charged with processing Supreme Court nominees and he is in the midst of a competitive reelection campaign that could factor closely into the fight for control of the upper chamber.

His comments Saturday, coming after less-decisive statements in the hours after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death Friday, amounted to the latest indication of how Republican leaders are rallying quickly around a strategy

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