Ransomware reality check: All IT departments need a security plan, starting with a strong data backup policy

Get the right policies in place to improve security and establish regular backups.

Ransomware is, unfortunately, now a way of life, forcing users to choose between losing data or extortion. Intellectual property and other sensitive data can be exposed to competitors and the public at large when user data on workstations, laptops, and mobile devices is compromised. Productivity, operations, and company reputation can be placed in jeopardy as well. To combat this, every organization should make regular backups of all end user data stored on both company-provided and employee-owned systems a priority. 

Here is a look at the current state of ransomware and what IT departments can do to protect their company data.

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Build better defenses

Europol’s No More Ransom project is designed to lessen the threat of ransomware by offering free decryption tools for hundreds of different families of ransomware, as

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