‘There are no human rights here’: Inside the Government’s ‘exploitative’ backpacker visa scheme


September 16, 2020 06:27:06

After two months of working on a farm, Elin had just $70 to show for her time.

Each year, tens of thousands of young backpackers like her are channelled onto Australian farms, where many become cheap labour and some are sexually harassed.

It is happening under a Federal Government scheme, and under its watch.

For years, the Government has assured the public it is taking action against the systematic exploitation of young travellers.

But the disturbing stories from backpackers — and data obtained under Freedom of Information laws — show otherwise.

You might wonder how it is possible to work for two months and save just $70 like Elin did.

She’s telling her story on the condition of anonymity, under an assumed name, fearing

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