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Microsoft Guns for Twilio’s Business With Launch of Azure Communication Services

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is continuously upping its game in the public cloud arena, and recently announced the availability of Azure Communications Services. The new product is a library of APIs (an API is an application programming interface, a pre-defined operation that can be inserted into and executed by an app) for developers to embed communications capabilities into an organizations’ operations or web and mobile apps — everything from video to chat to traditional phone calls.  

2020 has presented many businesses with unique challenges, like keeping a suddenly remote workforce productive and staying in touch with customers while physical locations are closed. Cloud-based communications are helping solve those problems, and the sprawling Microsoft Azure ecosystem is well-suited for the task. But there’s one problem: It stomps on the toes of cloud-communication API pioneer Twilio (NYSE: TWLO)

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The cloud war heats up

Tech outfits like Twilio that

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Deal alert: Learn AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with this $50 cloud training bundle

The convenience of the cloud is hard to beat. You’ve almost certainly experienced it first hand, whether it is saving your photos to the cloud so you always have access to them or pulling up an important document while on the go. When the cloud works seamlessly as intended, it’s hard to imagine saving files locally ever again.

The fact that cloud storage is growing means more than just more opportunity to save your files. It also means there is plenty of opportunity for a new career. According to tech analyst Gartner, public cloud services are expected to grow by 17% just this year, and will only continue to grow exponentially growing forward. As it grows, developers will be needed to build the infrastructure and keep it working as intended. You can join the ranks of those experts, and the Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle is a great starting

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