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Deloitte Consulting ‘Doubling Down’ On $750M AWS Business

Deloitte Consulting’s Amazon Web Services practice has grown to an approximately $750 million business in its four-year partnership with the industry’s top cloud computing provider, and there’s plans to double – and even triple – that in the next few years.

“We are doubling down with AWS,” said Jonathan Bauer, a principal at Deloitte Consulting and, for the last three years, its alliance leader for AWS, directing the firm’s U.S. go-to-market activity. “We have aspirations of doubling and tripling that over the course of the next few years.”

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, the scope of Deloitte’s work with AWS centers on areas including SAP on AWS, industry-specific solutions, modernization and security.

“One of our legacy strengths in the firm is our go-to-market around industry, and this is a place where we are truly able to differentiate, and that has proven successful time over time,” said Bauer, who

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Carahsoft Offers GitLab Solutions for Government Customers through AWS Marketplace Consulting …

RESTON, Va., Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced that it has finalized an agreement to offer solutions from GitLab, the single application for the DevOps lifecycle, through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace Consulting Private Partner Offers (CPPO) program. With this agreement, Carahsoft, GitLab and AWS have launched the Git-Going bundle, a product and training offering allowing accelerated acquisition of GitLab Ultimate, deployed natively on AWS, with the training credits necessary to ensure effective implementation for mission success.

Government customers seeking to acquire the GitLabDevSecOpsplatform can now take full advantage of the benefits of the subscription models available on AWS Marketplace, as well as consolidated billing and cost analysis. Git-Going is a discounted product bundle that includes five GitLab Ultimate licenses, and five training courses to enable agencies to quickly procure, deploy and fully implement GitLab into

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NAB re-platforms online business banking to AWS – Finance – Cloud

NAB has migrated its merchant and business banking facility, NAB Connect, to run on AWS cloud, which it says should increase the resilience and reliability of the platform.

Enterprise technology executive Steve Day said in a statement that running NAB Connect on AWS EC2 instances “provides secure and scalable compute capacity reducing operational risk and cost, while supporting platform resilience”.

It will also use auto scaling to automatically adjust capacity to meet user demand.

“The migration to cloud has already benefited customers from fewer platform interruptions, allowing us to deliver a seamless customer experience through fluctuations in demand,” Day said.

“For example, we supported a 42 percent increase in usage due to EOFY [end of financial year] transactions.

“Our customers are busy running their businesses, and want their online banking experience to be reliable, simple and secure. 

“This migration allows us to develop new services to help our business customers

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Deal alert: Learn AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with this $50 cloud training bundle

The convenience of the cloud is hard to beat. You’ve almost certainly experienced it first hand, whether it is saving your photos to the cloud so you always have access to them or pulling up an important document while on the go. When the cloud works seamlessly as intended, it’s hard to imagine saving files locally ever again.

The fact that cloud storage is growing means more than just more opportunity to save your files. It also means there is plenty of opportunity for a new career. According to tech analyst Gartner, public cloud services are expected to grow by 17% just this year, and will only continue to grow exponentially growing forward. As it grows, developers will be needed to build the infrastructure and keep it working as intended. You can join the ranks of those experts, and the Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle is a great starting

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