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SBS Language | Temporary visa holders with travel exemptions in India join Australians in queue for repatriation flights

The Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed that Mr Morrison was referring to Australian citizens and permanent residents stranded overseas, who have registered their interest with the consular offices to return home. 

But in reality, the number of people who can now return is much larger than the official figure of 24,000, as it does not take into account a significant number of temporary visa holders who have secured travel exemptions.


  • Temporary visa holders with travel exemptions scramble to secure flight tickets to return to Australia
  • Greens Party says the federal government must charter flights to repatriate Australians and temporary visa holders
  • “Ready and able to assist the Federal Government in the event that repatriation flights are launched,” says Qantas

‘Government has sidelined temporary visa holders throughout the pandemic’

Greens Senator Nick McKim, who has been raising the plight of visa holders, said the federal government also needs to step

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Only a quarter of Australians think tech companies are doing enough to keep them safe online, according to a new report

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  • A new report from Australia’s eSafety Commissioner found that while the overwhelming majority of people think tech companies have a responsibility to keep them safe online, few believe they are doing enough.
  • Australians generally support using technology to assist dealing with internet hazards like flagging and removing child sexual abuse content or inappropriate content.
  • While most Australians are confident they can solve problems generally, fewer feel confident about specific problems like cyberabuse or privacy breaches.
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As the online and offline lives of Australians continue to merge, awareness of the risks and hazards of the internet and how to deal with them is becoming increasingly important.


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According to data released by Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, most Australians think the tech companies who dominate the internet aren’t doing enough to keep them safe.

The Commissioner’s Building Australian adults’ confidence and

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