3 IT-orientated skills among Aussies’ most popular LinkedIn courses

Three IT-related skills are among the ten most popular LinkedIn Learning classes taken by Australians from July 2019 to June 2020, as well as several soft skills of benefit to IT pros.

Those courses related to IT pros are Learning Python, Remote Work Foundations, and Project Management Foundations. The soft skills of benefit to IT pros are Strategic Thinking, Time Management, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, and Learning Personal Branding.

Here are the top ten LinkedIn Learning courses taken by Australians over that 12-month period:

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Learning Python
  3. Excel 2016 Essential Training
  4. Excel Essential Training (Office 365)
  5. Remote Work Foundations
  6. Time Management: Working from Home
  7. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  8. Project Management Foundations
  9. Learning Personal Branding
  10. Jodi Glickman on Pitching Yourself

According to LinkedIn, workers are picking up transferable skills to help them succeed in whatever venture they take, especially as the market becomes more competitive and many are forced to

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