Small and midsize businesses provide an ideal business development proposal

One of the most difficult tasks in building a business is spreading the word, and even the best ideas can be spewed out if they can’t find the right audience.

As part of its “Business as Normal” program, Dell Technologies has given two small Australian companies the opportunity to pitch their offerings to audiences by putting them on an elevator show.

The first company to make the presentation introduced a new solution to curb the recycling crisis in Australia while helping to entertain young children while playing.

Happy Planet Toys is Australia’s first company to make toys from 100 percent recycled milk bottles.

According to founder and owner Miranda Davidson, the idea occurred to her when she realized that as a mother of three, she did not want her children’s toys to contribute to environmental waste.

“Our toys are environmentally friendly, and most importantly, children like to play with them in Australia,” she said. “And because it’s made from recycled milk bottles, we’re showing kids how they can reduce plastic waste, and recycling can be fun.”

The range includes a variety of colorful baths, beaches, and stacking toys, all designed for young children.

In a clever example of circular resource management, Davidson stated that once children are old enough to play, they can be included in curbside recycling.

Other businesses offering elevator pitch also focused on making people’s faces smile. Sweet Mickey is a company that enables people to order and distribute personalized cookies to people across Australia.

The founder and president of Cookie Monster said she came up with the idea when she was looking for a fun gift to send to a friend.

“Other than flowers, I thought, what can I send him,” he said. “So I adopted the family cookie recipe and prepared the price cookies.”

Customers can write their custom messages and then choose their favorite taste, color, and decoration. After five years of business, Head said that he and his team are now busier than ever.

“We have an amazing team of interior designers, whatever you want to write on your cookie and send it across Australia,” said Head.

And while the company’s range has grown rapidly, Head said the most popular flavor was still the one with which it began – golden ginger syrup.

She said, “It has very few followers, and those are the kind of cookies you don’t want to share.”

Dell Technologies offers a suite of services to assist small businesses with customized advice and solutions on their Business Solutions page.

Many networks exist to help entrepreneurs advance creative thinking, including the Dell Woman Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), which helps women entrepreneurs around the world connect with each other, expand their businesses, and ultimately Brings together to achieve success.

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