Mum and three kids left stranded at Heathrow after being ‘bumped from flight for business class flyers’

A MUM-of-three has been left stranded at London Heathrow Airport for three days with her young kids after she was “bumped from her flight for business class passengers”.

Sheree Richardson, from Perth, is currently trying to return to Australia from the UK with Qatar Airways.

A mum and her three young kids have been stranded at London Heathrow Airport due to Australia's entry restrictions


A mum and her three young kids have been stranded at London Heathrow Airport due to Australia’s entry restrictionsCredit: Kevin Dunnett – The Sun

Along with her kids aged 14, 11 and one, she claims she has watched business class passengers get on the flight while she was unable to board due to Australia’s caps on international arrivals.

Western Australia, where Perth is located, is currently only allowing 525 international arrivals a week, which works out to approximately 75 a day.

She wrote on social media, according to the Sydney Morning Herald: “Homeless now at Heathrow with three children.

“Have been for three days and watch people paying for business class tickets right in front of me!! 14, 11 and 1 year old it’s not right.”

Ms Richardson also explained that she booked the flights before the arrival cap was introduced, and other airlines have come under fire for bumping economy passengers over business passengers.

In response to comments, with many social media users slamming her treatment, she said: “Got told no one can help me as it’s the weekend.

“We don’t matter to anyone as it’s the weekend in the government.”

The family are trying to return to Perth but Australia has enforced a cap on arrivals


The family are trying to return to Perth but Australia has enforced a cap on arrivalsCredit: Alamy

She added that she was in a hotel until Monday, which is when she would hear back from the Australian High Commission.

Australia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, George Brandis, commented on Twitter in response to her issue that they would “look into it urgently”.

However, many angry social media users responded, shocked at her treatment.

One person wrote: “I’m so sorry, I never imagined Australia would treat our citizens this way. I’m appalled. Bring our fellow Aussies home.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrisson acknowledged a number of Australians still stranded abroad, thought to be around 23,000.

He previously said in a statement: “We acknowledge that some of them are in some difficult circumstances.

“Our consular teams are doing a great job to help them in those circumstances and we’ll be doing more to help them in those circumstances and to assist them to get home within those caps.”

While Australia arrivals are not required to quarantine in the UK, the Australian borders are still closed to non-residents.

A Qatar Airways spokesperson told local media: “Due to the restrictions on passengers travelling to Australian destinations, Qatar Airways can only carry a limited number of passengers per day to certain destinations.”

Sun Online Travel contacted Qatar Airways for additional comment.

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Coronavirus testing programme at Heathrow Airport could enable passengers from certain countries to exit the mandatory 14-day quarantine period early

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