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CHENNAI: The Foreign Ministry on Monday opposed the entry of R Prema, wife of Rajiv Gandhi assassination case convict Robert Payas, into India. 

Prema’s name still figures in the negative list maintained by the Ministry, it informed the Madras High Court. The ministry further said that as per the report submitted by the Superintendent of Police, Q Branch, Chennai, to the ministry, R Prema still figures in the negative list.

The court was hearing Rajiv Gandhi assassination case convict B Robert Payas’ plea seeking grant of visa to his wife for travelling from Sri Lanka to India.

According to the petition, Prema applied for a visa at the Indian Consulate at Jaffna on November 22, 2018. She was informed that some criminal records were found against her. She made another request on October 14, 2019, but there was no response. Except for overstaying in India in 2010, there was no other charge, he added.

The reply made by C Kannan, the undersecretary to the Ministry of External Affairs, denied all the allegations. The official said the petitioner submitted that on November 19, 2018, Prema had applied for a three-month single entry visa to India. However, it was denied by the Consulate General of India after finding that her name figured in the negative list of the Ministry of External Affairs.

The official further added that a Look Out Circular was placed against her name by the Ministry at the behest of the Superintendent of Police, Q branch,  Chennai. He further urged the court to dismiss the plea .

Recording the submissions, Justice K Ravichandrababu adjourned the hearing to October 2 for further arguments.

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