LiAison Labs, a business intelligence firm specializing in AI solutions, has launched The Lab Alliance economic accelerator – Press Release

LiAison Labs, a business intelligence firm specializing in AI solutions, has launched The Lab Alliance economic accelerator, a 501c6 non-profit organization focused on socio-economic development to support job creation and People-Powered Community improvement. 

Focused on solutions for Qualified Opportunity Zone ecosystems throughout the United States, The Lab Alliance provides a hub for businesses and individuals to accelerate economic development and job creation for areas that are most in need.

“We set out to find a way to restore hope in the American dream for those who have felt left out of it,” said Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), the originator of the Opportunity Zone legislation.

“I am proud to say that each and every time I have visited one of our nation’s opportunity zones that is exactly what I’ve seen.”

Additional information from Senator Scott shows that of the 8,766 census tracts designated as Opportunity Zones, more than 20% have poverty rates of 40% or higher, compared to just 5% of communities nationwide. The average poverty rate of zone residents is 28.9%, more than twice the national average. Only 6% of all zones have a median family income above the national average, while 71% of zones meet the U.S. Treasury Department’s definition of “severely distressed.”

Available data shows that the flagship location for The Lab Alliance in the Parramore District of Orlando, Florida, has 52.6% of the community living below the poverty line with a median household income 110% less than the national average.

The Lab Alliance has plans to add future locations in Opportunity Zones throughout the country to accelerate economic development in sync with Senator Scott’s vision.

In support of the launch and future expansion plans, The Lab Alliance has launched an Indiegogo campaign set to run through mid-October featuring the iEmpower series of merchandise, including limited edition challenge coins to commemorate the occasion.

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About LiAison Labs

Based in Orlando, Florida, LiAison Labs is a business intelligence firm specializing in AI solutions via Sherloc, its proprietary decision ecosystem designed to help clients gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Co-founders Julianna Ormond & RC Williams have an extensive background in competitive intelligence advisory and providing entrepreneurial mentorship to businesses and non-profit organizations.

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