Kiwi businesses that adapted for online shopping fared better amid Covid-19 | 1 NEWS

Kiwi businesses that adapted for online shopping fared better than those that didn’t in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new figures.

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Xero’s Global CEO Steve Vamos says technology is the key to connecting customers in different ways.

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Xero’s Pandemic Insights Report is made up of data from 300,000 small businesses across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

It suggests small business is doing it tough right now. 

Steve Vamos, global chief executive of Xero says the critical thing now is how businesses move forward, and that technology is key. 

“The critical thing now is supporting small business is to reach out and get help. In 40 years in the tech industry I’ve seen a lot of change a lot of ups and downs in our economy. 

“In terms of what we’re seeing you can’t characterise the way forward as a u or a v, that’s symmetrical – the reality is its going to be bouncing around depending on the health issues we face and the responses that have to be taken to contain them.”

He says New Zealanders supporting small and local businesses is “critical”, but he also encourages business owners to ask for help. 

“To really look for support from a good account and a good bookkeeper, someone who can really help them to get onto the technology platforms that are available.

“If you’re not connected, if you’re not hearing and learning from others, it’s going to be tough.” 

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