JD CENTRAL steps up the game by taking e-commerce to the next level

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Many people might regard JD CENTRAL as just another e-commerce platform in Thailand. But JD CENTRAL doesn’t see itself as being just another player. Rather, what the company thinks and does is clearly differentiated from general e-commerce operators.

“We see ourselves as a game changer in Thailand’s e-commerce field, initiating and doing new things to provide a good shopping experience for customers. To say that we are revolutionary in e-commerce is no exaggeration. What we do, no one does. That’s why JD.com, the e-commerce giant from China, came to partner Central Group and create JD CENTRAL,” disclosed Vincent Yang, Chief Executive Officer of JD CENTRAL, a leader in e-commerce technology and retail in Thailand.

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The concept of revolutionising the retail industry with e-commerce is nothing new, of course, but JD CENTRAL’s pitch is separates it from the pack. For instance, you will rarely see a price war on the JD CENTRAL platform. The highlight JD CENTRAL is most proud of is its 100% guaranteed authentic products. Thus JD CENTRAL is now turning the price battlefield of the same old e-commerce into delivering the best shopping experience for customers.

The platform is designed to connect the worlds of buyers and sellers in the online world, bringing contentment and fulfilment to all parties, including customers, traders, trade partners, communities, and employees of JD CENTRAL. Everyone benefits through JD CENTRAL platform ecosystem that extends through four dimensions:

・JOY RETAIL: JD CENTRAL is not only an e-commerce platform but also an active player in continuous development of commercial e-commerce, making the sales systems useful and convenient for both buyers and sellers. This includes JD CENTRAL application, the instalment payment system, B2C commerce, and Cross Border Business or B2B, among others.

・JOY MARKETING: A marketing model that helps businesses expand with JD CENTRAL traffic ecosystem. New marketing technology and a simple sales system enables partners to reach customers easily. It is obviously different from other platforms but entirely safe to use. JOY MARKETING includes sales assistance programmes such as JOY PAY, Share Share (group buying system), JOY Membership, Virtual Business, and a Plug in Shop system that can be accessed by JD CENTRAL through partner banking applications, and more.

・JOY SOLUTION: A service model that allows merchants to easily do business online with End-to-End Service Solutions, including onboarding brand, product listing, and opening shops online along with O2O services and initiatives. Plus assistance to manage customer service through delivery.

・JOY FULLFILMENT: A development of logistics and warehouse systems that recognises when placing an order, everyone wants to receive the right product in good condition in no time. Development of transportation, shipping process, and warehouse systems are key components in providing customers an efficient and impressive shopping experience.

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Besides ensuring effective shopping experiences, JD CENTRAL adds new services that impresses customers even more. Now they can take advantage of door to door service, product instalments, installation services for large electrical appliances, and special promotions with the lowest price in 30 days guarantee.

On the part of shop owners, JD CENTRAL changed its role to that of business partner. With concepts and motives, both JD CENTRAL and its partners have grown together from December 2019 to the present. The number of entrepreneurs on the JD CENTRAL platform is now expanding at twice the rate of existing operators.

“With our partners, we are not just looking at the people who opened a shop on our platform. We look further. We look at those partners as our business partners where we help each other, walking and growing together. This will make both our business and their business sustainable. It will increase the number of visitors interested in the products they see available. We also adopt O2O strategies to help them,” said JD CENTRAL’s Chief Executive Officer.

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Moreover, JD CENTRAL does not just have big brands as partners. It cooperates with small entrepreneurs, SMEs and grassroots startups. Opening a space on the JD CENTRAL platform expands the market for entrepreneurs who can grow their sales through the same channels as giants.

Throughout two years of doing business to-date, JD CENTRAL has been changing the e-commerce landscape in Thailand by being the first to offer 100% authentic platform. The operating results of JD CENTRAL itself profile an impressive portfolio. Since 2018, the company’s GMV has grown 550%. The average purchase value is up to 2,500 baht, with the top five products being: 1. Mobile phones and tablets 2. Home appliances 3. Small appliances 4. Computers and office equipment, 5. Fashion items. The top three regions with the highest ordering rates are the Central, Northeast, and North.

All sectors involved can trust JD CENTRAL, as the new corporate slogan is ‘make joy happen’ because JD CENTRAL provides easier solution. The concept conveys happiness easily come by when life is made less hectic. JD CENTRAL offers the best shopping experience to connect the world of customers and the world of sellers. It intends to spread happiness by extending the online world to everyone, so things always go smoothly at JD CENTRAL. To reinforce the concept, a video clip has been launched to tell the story of attaining peace of mind in dealings with JD CENTRAL. Besides its availability in various channels, anyone can watch it from the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0U2yTstMt8M

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Now JD CENTRAL has partnered with small entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector to bring processed agricultural products to the platform. Sales began during JD CENTRAL’s 2nd anniversary campaign. Five entrepreneurs initially opened shop, namely:

・Phutawan Shop provides skin care products and fragrances.

・Phoomsook Shop offers OTOP products, snacks, processed, and frozen food.

・Navita Melon Farm shop sells and takes pre-orders of premium grade melon.

・Mommylicious Juice shop provides nourishing milk drinks for mothers made from 100% natural ingredients.

・Havilah offers fresh herbal products that reduce hair loss and restore hair to life.

JD CENTRAL guarantees a big surprise throughout its anniversary month with JD CENTRAL 9.28 BIRTHDAY FEST, ready to distribute quality products with 100% authenticity for shoppers to enjoy shopping the whole month. If any counterfeit item is found, shoppers will receive threefold compensation! Simply click to www.jd.co.th, download the JD CENTRAL application from the AppStore or PlayStore, or follow on Facebook at JD CENTRAL.

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