Jam Master Jay’s Alleged Killer Has A Change.Org Petition Declaring His Innocence

(AllHipHop News) The man accused of pulling the trigger and killing Jam Master Jay inside of his Hollis, Queens studio has launched a petition to clear his name.

Jay was shot inside of his Queens recording studio on October 30, 2002, with five witnesses present: Lydia Allen, her brother Randy Allen, Michael “Mike B.” Bonds and Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon.

Jay’s nephew Boe Scaggz was also present on the scene, but he maintains he came into the studio during the aftermath of the deadly shooting, which took Jay’s life at the age of 37.

Witnesses to the shooting said two assailants were buzzed into the studio, as Jay sat on a couch playing video games with Rincon. 

A “look out” and another gunman open fire killing Jay and wounding Rincon, who was shot in the leg by a stray bullet resulting in a minor injury.

Karl “Yadi” Jordan Jr. aka “Lil D” was arrested on August 17th along with another suspect named Ronald “Tinard” Washington, and charged with the murder of Run-DMC group member, born Jason Mizell.

However, someone purporting to be Karl Jordan Jr. has launched a Change.Org petition begging for justice, in hopes of proving he is innocent of the crime.

“For all those that believe in me and my innocence, I sincerely and humbly thank you,” Karl “Lil D” Jordan said. “I wish I could express to the world that I did not do this. For all those that think I did it, please be realistic. Again, thanks and continue to share and support.”

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So far, over 1,500 people have signed the Change.org petition.

One person who is not in support of the petition was Jam Master Jay’s associate Teddy Allen who is the brother of Jay’s business partner, Randy Allen.

While Teddy was not present in the studio, sources say he was on the scene shortly after hearing about Jay’s murder.

Teddy Allen insisted that Tinard Washington had already admitted to multiple people that Yadi was the triggerman who accompanied him to the studio the night Jam Master Jay was killed.

And while many vouched for Yadi’s character, few mentioned he alleged ties to a street gang and the Federal charges for supposedly dealing multiple-kilos of cocaine.

And, a source told AllHipHop.com Yadi may have been involved in an altercation which resulted in the shooting of Jay’s nephew Boe Scaggz in May of 2003.

But these allegations against Yadi do not fully explain the reactions of those present in Jay’s studio or their lack of cooperation in the aftermath and over the last 18 years.

For instance, no one has yet to explain why the surveillance tapes of the studio were mysteriously erased, or re-recorded over.

In October of 2013, Detective Vincent Santangelo, the NYPD’s lead detective on the case, deemed the surveillance tapes “useless.”

“When we went to go and take that tape and view it, it was an old tape,” Detective Santangelo told PIX11. “It looked like springtime.”

Jay’s nephew Boe, who was one of those present, confirmed the studio used the cameras strictly to monitor who was buzzed in and out.

“Our security cameras wasn’t really for safety, it was to see if people who was coming in was buzzing our buzzer, you know what I’m saying? If somebody buzzed the buzzer then we could see them,” Jay’s nephew Boe Scaggz told AllHipHop.com during an exclusive interview.

The Feds may also have a hard time with Washington’s credibility on the stand as a reliable witness due to his lengthy rap sheet, which goes back to the 1980’s and includes long stints for assault and robberies, including a motel-robbery spree with a pellet gun in the day after Jay’s murder.

And the Feds also believe Washington was involved in the murder of Tupac’s former associate, Randy “Stretch” Walker.

So far, only two suspects have been charged, but the Feds may have more charges coming according to the indictment, which reads:

“Karl Jordan Jr., also known as ‘Little D’ and ‘Noid,’ and Ronald Washington, also known as ‘Tinard’… together with others, with malice aforethought, did unlawfully kill Jason Mizell, also known as ‘Jam Master Jay.'”

Karl “Lil D” Jordan has pleaded not guilty in a case where the death penalty could be on the table for both of the suspects.

He is scheduled to make an appearance in court on Thursday (September 17th). 

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