How this Aussie mum-of-three runs two thriving online businesses while working part-time

How this Aussie mum-of-three runs two thriving online businesses while working part-time

After the initial learning curve, Shevy found flexibility and ease in running an online store. She had her third child and didn’t skip a beat.

“That was the beauty of it – I could work on my own hours, as much or as little as I liked. If I knew we had bills coming up, I’d work harder because I found that during this period, the harder I worked, the more money I’d earn,” she explains. 

With her first side hustle firmly in stride, Shevy launched a second store on eBay, this time focusing on furniture, decor and homewares. Using her learnings from years on the platform, she decided to set this second project up as a standalone website, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.

As Shevy spent more time developing this new business, her clothing endeavour took a back seat until she decided to drop that side hustle altogether, an easy decision considering the stark difference in revenue.

“I couldn’t believe it – the income from [Inside Outside] dramatically blasted my waning interest in the clothing,” explains Shevy. “It really proved to me it was going to be more popular and profitable because of the variety of items I could sell.”

Two years after enjoying her pivot into furniture and homewares, Shevy was on that Hervey Bay holiday contemplating her next move. 

“As parents, we might go without certain things, but when it comes to our kids we will always spoil them because we love them,” Shevy realised. 

She also knew from Inside Outside’s success that the new business would have to provide one place to sell a variety of products.

Enter Kid Mart, an online store selling stylish and high-quality kids’ furniture, toys and nursery items to parents (and their family and friends). 

Despite launching in 2019 and being her youngest venture, Kid Mart is now Shevy’s most successful. Turns out a pandemic doesn’t stop us from buying stuff for our kids.

And while the premise for the business is a solid one, Shevy was also savvy about maximising her exposure.

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