Hexagon Technologies, Inc. Launches Enterprise Business Monitoring Platform to Disrupt the Traditional Business Intelligence Market

Hexagon Technologies officially launches its Enterprise Business Monitoring software platform designed to give firms a pro-active and timely approach to capitalizing on business data.

Traditional reports and dashboards are important business tools but are naturally passive and require you to periodically analyze them to get value. Rules-driven monitoring automatically pushes timely information to you as situational changes occur to your key topics. Monitoring has traditionally been a technical tool for servers and networks – not anymore. Hexagon brings a new dimension to your firm’s overall Business Intelligence strategy.

Hexagon CEO Perry Harris says “We all take for granted the notifications we receive from apps such as airlines, weather, and fitness in our personal lives. Hexagon brings these capabilities to your business by allowing you to define your key business topics and how you want to be notified when situations/changes occur.”

“I don’t want to run a report to get information – I configure Hexagon to tell me what I want to know, and it pushes messages to my phone when these things occur. It makes my life easier and is far timelier. The pandemic-driven shift to ‘work-from-anywhere’ makes this approach increasingly relevant for firms looking to maximize the insights and efficiencies in their data assets.”

Hexagon has been built from the ground up with several points of emphasis:

  • Focus on the non-technical business user. Monitoring has been used for years for technical problems – it is time for business teams to realize the benefit. Easy setup and fast results.
  • Simplify access to data. Connecting to cloud and on-premise data can present challenges. We make the process easy and understandable.
  • Integration. By integrating with team collaboration platforms such as Microsoft® Teams and Slack®, users can receive business intelligence through existing and familiar desktop and mobile channels.

Hexagon is the Digital Evolution of Business Intelligence.

About Hexagon Technologies:

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Boston, MA, we focus on redefining how firms think about Business Intelligence and the ways that they can leverage and benefit from timely, targeted, and topic-based information. Hexagon is a leader in redefining the workflows, interoperability and integration that can be achieved in the next generation of BI software.

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