Have a good trip, Quino! 7 lessons from Mafalda applied to business

Editor’s note: The cartoonist and graphic humorist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, “Quino”, creator of Mafalda, died this September 30 at the age of 88. We rescue this popular article where we explain that the values of the iconic comic can be applied to the entrepreneurial life.

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Comics and characters abound, but few have managed to sneak into the collective memory as Mafalda has.

And it is that this endearing character, created 53 years ago by the Argentine cartoonist Quino , has a lot to teach us about business, friendships, family … and, in general, life.

On the anniversary of the launch of this comic strip we compiled some of the most valuable lessons that Mafalda and her friends have left us.

“It turns out that if one does not rush to change the world, then it is the world that changes one”

Go against the current or let ourselves be carried away by it: in this dilemma the decisions we make throughout our lives can be summarized.

Entrepreneurship , of course, is no exception: starting a business involves leaving behind the comfort of a steady job and venturing to meet no more than our own expectations. And yes, deep down, every undertaking starts from a disagreement with the established and a deep desire to change the world.

“Did you ever think that if it weren’t for everyone, no one would be nothing?”

Over and over again, Mafalda teaches us the value of teamwork . And it does not only refer to our partners, colleagues, customers, employees or suppliers, but also to all those people who were before us, who innovated in our field and laid the foundations of our business.

A successful project is never the result of the actions of just one person; it is the result of good teamwork. Wisdom implies recognizing it.

“As always: the urgent leaves no time for the important”

As entrepreneurs – eternally busy people by definition – it’s easy to get lost in day-to-day tasks and put off truly relevant actions.

It is essential that you learn to prioritize so that your projects are not displaced by smaller and “urgent” slopes.

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If you want to find a practical and quite useful method, we suggest you read the book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown, edited by Aguilar.

“As soon as you put your feet on the ground, the fun ends”

It’s true, businesses are ultimately sustained by money. But what allows them to thrive and stay afloat over the years?

The passion that your leaders and workers inject into work, and that at the end of the day, will make a difference. Before you think about numbers and earnings, think about dedicating yourself to something that inspires and amuses you.

Taking your feet a little off the ground won’t hurt you; in fact, it could help you start your imagination and find new ways to start.

“What if instead of planning so much we flew a little higher?”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we didn’t let ourselves be dominated by our fears and ventured out to make our ideas come true? Perhaps we would fail once, twice or three times (or perhaps more), but we would learn valuable lessons to refine our ideas and sooner or later we would reach the top.

Playing “safe” may be comfortable and bring us some benefits, but it will not allow us to reach as high as we have imagined.

“Start your day with a smile and you will see how much fun it is to go around being out of tune with everyone”

Maybe you think that “attitude changes everything” is a new age concept that will not help your business at all. If so, you are very wrong: in a business everything is based on personal relationships, and if you do not learn to be kind, cordial and generous with others, it is most likely that you will alienate everyone … including those who could be beneficial for your company.

“Could it be that this modern life is having more of modern than life?”

Is your life your job? Do you dedicate 24 hours a day to your business and do you think that your personal life should be in the background? Maybe it’s time to change the paradigm.

It is admirable that you enjoy your job so much that you consider it part of your life, but do not confuse that with spending time with yourself, practicing exercise and hobbies, going out with friends, nurturing a relationship …

Forget the stigma of the “successful entrepreneur” who does nothing but work and learn to value other aspects of your life.

Mafalda does know about life.


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