GTA Online Business Battles Update: Rewards, Discounts, and New Missions

Rockstar has revealed the full details for GTA Online‘s latest update: Business Battles.

“The revamped Business Battles featured as part of the Los Santos Summer Special are even more lucrative this week,” reads a press release from Rockstar regarding the event. “There’s chatter (and grainy security camera footage floating around the dark web) suggesting that The Diamond’s vault may have received a shipment of gems this week.”

According to Rockstar, this upcoming event will allow you to “stage a cooperative assault on an idling aircraft carrier and fight your way through one of several factories to earn hefty pay-days” as well as stage a Casino Heist in pursuit of the contents of the aforementioned vault in The Diamond casino. Speaking of the casino, the Invetero Coquette D10 is being added to the Lucky Wheel podium this week, so be sure to give it a spin for the chance to take a spin. That, or don’t. Honestly, we’re not the boss of you, and we’re not every sure you want the car in the first place.

It wouldn’t be a GTA Online update without bonuses, so you’ll be happy to know that all Land Grab games will yield twice as much cash and RP. Regardless of whether you take advantage of those bonuses (again, you do you, we don’t care), you’ll be able to add a sweet looking Lemon Sport Tracksuit to your inventory just by logging in before September 16.

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