Free Tarot Card Readings Online vs Tarot Readings by Experts: Which Is Best? (Review)

New York, New York – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 12, 2020 – If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner self, you might want to try out online tarot cards. But, because there’s both expert and free card advice available, which way should you turn?

Well, it’s recommended that you seek the help of expert tarot card readings online. That’s if you’re considering to enjoy a true tarot card reading.

You can read here about both sides of the coin so you know where to turn for quality tarot card readings online. Let’s jump right in.

Free tarot readings available from real psychics:

1. Kasamba ( 3 minutes free )

2. Keen ( 3 minutes free )

3. Oranum ( 10 minutes free )

4. AskNow ( buy 10 minutes get 10 free )

5. Psychic Source ( 5 minutes free )

100% Free Tarot Card Readings online, no credit card:


2. FreeDivination

3. AstrologyAnswers

Tarot Cards Readings Online by Tarot Experts:

The following are the best online tarot-card providers you can count on for when you’re seeking answers to your most persistent life queries.

1. Kasamba – Best Tarot Readings via Mobile App

– Special Offer: Three Minute Free Reading

– Mobile app (Android and iOS)

– Tarot readers’ area

– Various contact modes

– Over 20 years in business

This psychic network boasts two decades of online tarot reading, among other psychic services. The platform’s mobile app lets you access tarot-cards advice on the go.

Thanks to the tarot readers’ section, you can access the advisers hassle-free. Simply gauge each reader’s expertise by looking through their reviews and testimonials, which you can find on their profiles.

From phone to email and live chat, you have a range of contact modes so you can communicate with the spiritualists hassle-free.

As if it’s not enough, you get three complimentary minutes for every tarot-card reader you try out. And, you can enjoy 50% off your first session too.

2. Psychic Source – Tarot Card Reading With Satisfaction Guarantee

– Special Offer: Three Free Minutes

– Spot-on predictions

– 30 years in business

– Screened tarot readers

– Satisfaction guarantee

Access the most accurate fortune tellers at Psychic Source, a platform that prides itself on a whopping three decades in the psychic industry. All of their tarot readers are screened and offer tarot-card readings via phone, email, or live chat.

Whether you’re looking for online card advice geared toward success, money, or career, you can find it here as the tarot readers specialize in different areas. You only have to use a matching tool to get paired to a good fit.

This website is generous enough to give you three free minutes for your first session, and their satisfaction guarantee is a plus.

3. AskNow – Best Love Tarot Readings

– Special Offer: 5 Free Minutes

– Great love predictions

– 15 years in business

– Excellent phone advice

– Uncountable reviews online

If you’re looking for the best love tarots online, your search might end with AskNow. Choose from their tens of card readers, some with as much as 25 years of experience.

With 15 years in business, this platform screens readers for accuracy, just for you. They offer online tarot reading via phone. You can opt for a chat reading, though.

Still, what makes AskNow stand out from the pack is their uncountable positive reviews around the web. Which only means the site has earned the trust of many users.

When it comes to offers, this psychic organization gives you a whole five free minutes for your first tarot-card reading.

4. Oranum – Best Video Tarot Readings

– Special Offer: $9.99 in Free Credits

– Great video analysis

– Pros in online tarot-card readings

– Comprehensive tarot sub-section

– 24/7 customer support

This could be the place to be for your face-to-face tarot readings. Other contact modes include a voice call or free chat, though. An enormous $9.99 in free credits, upon sign up, could mean a complimentary first tarot-card reading for you.

While this platform with a smooth user interface specializes in tarot readings, they offer other psychic services, too: numerology, astrology, and more.

A detailed tarot-cards subsection await you at this psychic network that’s happy to serve you 24/7.

5. Keen – Most Affordable Tarot Readings

– Special Offer: Three Free Minutes for a Reading

– Cheapest online tarot card readings

– 20 years in business

– A range of contact methods

– Competitive customer support 

Enjoy affordable online tarot reading via phone, video, or chat on this platform with 20 years in business. Known for giving accurate love predictions, Keen also specializes in dream analysis and other psychic services.

They offer three minutes for free for your first reading. Subsequently, you can enjoy tarot cards predictions from as low as $1.99 per minute.

Keen’s customer support couldn’t be more responsive, too. And, if you’re new to tarot cards, they have informative content for you before you access your first reading.

Free Tarot Cards Readings Online by Software 

Now, let’s move to the free providers, where tarot readings are software-based.


This platform lets you select the Lotus Tarot six-card pattern, which is believed to give a quick reading for your life general concerns.

Meaning, yes, you begin by choosing six cards from the Major Arcana group, one of the two key categories that divide up tarot cards. Each of the cards represents different attributes, including what might be going for, or against, you.

The psychic network gives tips you can use to improve your online tarot reading, such as taking a couple of deep breaths, focusing on your questions, and asking specific queries.

2. FreeDivination

On this website, you can select a spread (card pattern) for a complimentary tarot card reading. Yet, while you have 20 different layouts available, the three-card spread is believed to give you the easiest read.

This web corner has an entire section of tarot spreads so you can familiarize yourself with the thing, just in case. This also prepares you to grab a convenient layout – one that’s best suited to your query.

The card patterns are designed to cater to particular question types: some answer various general questions while others address specific queries, be it related to career, romance, success, etc.

3. Astrology Answers

Here, you can arrange the cards into a spread – there’s a ton of spreads you can organize the cards into – for a subsequent interpretation.

Well, spreads range from simple patterns, entailing only one card, to complex layouts, involving all the 78 cards. Of course, the most common card pattern is the three-card spread (signifying the past, present, and future), which answers your general (life’s) questions.

Tarot cards are classified into two primary classes – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, which are further divided into four suits:

– Swords

– Cups

– Pentacles

– Wands

What Is a Tarot Reading? 

Welcome to the world of card psychics: Also known as fortune-telling, tarot card reading helps you gain a deeper understanding of your past, present, and future life. A tarot expert analyzes tarot cards to give you divine answers.

You need to do your part, too, by asking specific questions. It could be about anything – your career, health, money, etc.

There are various decks of tarot cards – Thoth, Rider-Waite, Smith, etc. – that a tarot expert might employ. Still, it doesn’t compromise the overall idea. Each deck comprises 78 cards with a major and minor arcana, which are but the primary card divisions.

Usually, a reader will shuffle the cards before laying them out in a pattern, also known as a spread. They’ll proceed to reveal the cards and interpret their meanings, at least based on the cards’ positions.

While the readers may analyze the cards differently, the idea behind it is to offer insight into your life.

Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

Let’s start here: Is it a paid or free reading? Is it an expert or amateur doing the tarot card readings?

Well, an online psychic reading from an experienced psychic is more likely to give you an accurate reading than an inexperienced one. In the same vein, a paid online reading tends to be more professional than a free one.

Expert tarot readers give you a superior experience. They’ll sense your energy and truly connect with you. They’ll boldly analyze the cards, helping answer some of your most pressing questions.

Meanwhile, unskilled readers are likely to give inconsistent card meanings. Most of these aren’t as confident, and they might have a difficult time interpreting the card positions.

With What Can a Tarot Card Reading Help Me?

You can start with this question: What’s the current situation in your life? Well, online tarot reading helps you with personal advice and growth. You’re able to get in touch with your inner self, meaning, you can know the direction your life is headed.

Thanks to tarot card reading, you can gain inner wisdom and guidance, hence clarity, about your past, present, and future. This means you can make timely decisions, based on the online tarot reading, about issues that require your immediate attention.

A tarot card reading basically helps address the answers to your life questions. 

What Should I Think About During a Tarot Card Reading?

Because a tarot-cards reader needs to connect with you deeply, you need to have a relaxed mind, free from other thoughts. One of the things you should focus on is the questions you’re going to ask, and have your mind ready to receive the reader’s analysis.

Also, note that a reader needs a good understanding of your concerns so they can best address them. That’s why it’s recommended by experts that you ask questions that are clear enough.

In the same vein, you want to have your questions beforehand so you don’t miss asking a thing due to overthinking, nervousness, and the likes.

How to Choose a Good Tarot Card Reader?

Because online card reading helps address the present situation in your life, you need to choose a reliable psychic service provider – preferably one with screened readers. From here, head to the tarot readers’ section and filter the spiritualists by handy metrics, such as experience.

Make sure to read their feedback, too, so you know what previous users are saying about them. If they (prior customers) are satisfied with a potential reader’s service, that’s a plus.

Some (trusted) sites have their best tarot-cards advisers featured on the front page. Some have even rated the experts based on previous performance. Meaning, it’s a good place to start your search for a tarot card reader. 

Is Tarot Reading by Software Better Than Tarot Card Reading From Experts?

Not at all. Tarot reading by software uses similar generic scripts for everyone. Meaning, it gives vague, rushed predictions, most of the time, putting tarot card reading in a bad light. You don’t get the personalized insight you’d get with an expert reader.

It’s just that professional readers will never read words off a script. Instead, they’ll look to connect with you on a deeper level, sensing your energy in the process. Meaning, it only makes sense when they don’t offer this service for free.

After all, tarot card reading is a service; quality comes at a fee. Still, this is pretty affordable. Plus, it’s not uncommon to land a free offer (usually in free minutes) during your initial session. 

Final Takeaway on Tarot Card Readings

The world of tarot card readings need not be complicated. Our winner is Kasamba thanks to their mobile app and accurate tarot readers. Their 20 years in business couldn’t be more attractive, too. 

Our first and second runner-ups are Psychic Source and AskNow, respectively. Both platforms screen their tarot readers for accuracy. 

A tarot reading can be fun and informative too with the right tools. If you find tarot interesting then it can be a special journey for you to try these readings.

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