Free Firearm Training In Cinnaminson After Uptick In Applications

CINNAMINSON, NJ — Cinnaminson police saw a more than 200 percent increase in applications for firearms identification cards and permits this year. So when the chance came up to participate in a free training on the safe and proper use of firearms, they jumped on the opportunity.

As of Thursday, Cinnaminson Police have processed 407 total firearms transactions for the year, according to statistics compiled by Cinnaminson Police Lt. Andrew Johnson and provided to Patch.

At the current rate of firearms applications, Cinnaminson Police said they will complete approximately 529 firearms applications for the calendar year 2020 — a 283.33 percent increase in one year.

The free training will take place on Sept. 14 and 15 at the Cinnaminson Community Center, 6 p.m. each night. Cinnaminson Police Det. Sgt. Roy Wagner is the department’s supervising firearms instructor and will be one of the presenters for the training class.

Cinnaminson police will participate in the training with the Riverton and Palmyra police departments.

“Our department realized the significance of educating the public about firearms,” Wagner said. “I liken firearm ownership to a parent with a new teen driver. A responsible parent would not put their child behind a wheel of a vehicle as a brand-new driver without training or familiarization. That new driver would receive training on how to operate the vehicle and be taught the laws of the road. Drivers are educated about driving laws and rules and familiarized with their vehicles before being tested with a written test and a driving test. Parents don’t buy a car for their child with a driver’s permit and put it in the garage, hoping they’ll never drive it except in an emergency circumstance during a winter blizzard. It’s not much different from owning a firearm, except many gun owners will buy a gun and store it hoping never to use it. If they DO have to use it or if they are not adequately prepared to handle that gun, it can result in a disastrous outcome. By hosting this class, we can help prevent some pitfalls that many gun owners fall into by educating them to be safe and lawful, but also show them how to be prepared as well.”

Earlier this week, the owners of Legacy Indoor Range and Armory in Cinnaminson and Firearms Instructor Corey Jones said they have seen an increase in business over the past few months.

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