Four Women Leaders Reveal Covid-19 Opportunity for Business and Leadership Expansions

While millions of people locked down during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people created the opportunity to start or grow their businesses.

Four women business leaders share some insight into becoming successful now and in the future, using marketing tools and leadership skills.

Startups are down by 40% compared to 2019 statistics; however, tough times have proven that successful companies can be born. These have included General Electric, General Motors, IMS, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Trader Joe’s, and FedEx. Four women business leaders share some insight into becoming successful now and in the future, using marketing tools and leadership skills.

Be Unstoppable

Cristal Balk, founder of Unstoppable Marketing Solutions, Spring Valley, California, sees the Covid-19 pandemic as a time for helping her customers reinvent themselves.

“Unstoppable Marketing Solutions was founded by the idea of filling the gaps in the marketing world,” Balk said.

“One of the major gaps is the lack of branding and awareness due to the zero understanding of how it functions.” Balk said that media marketing helps get your message out to a broader audience.”

Balk added, “Due to Covid-19, my partner Daniel Martinez and I helped our customers reinvent their marketing plan to fit with the current times. This is the time to act to keep the business open.”

“Our customers have used some marketing solutions to grow their awareness by being featured on podcasts, radio shows, and magazines. This creates credibility, trust, and transparency for clients to continue to move their business online and still be relevant at the same time.”

Time to Re-Evaluate

Laura Steward Wisdom Learned, LLC, Sebastian Florida, is often referred to as the Queen of Questions. Steward sees Covid-19 as an opportunity for every business to evaluate itself.

“Stagnation and apathy are the biggest killers of business. Covid-19 has given us all a chance to step back and plan a future that enlivens the business and our clients,” Steward said. “Rather than look at Covid-19 as a negative on business, I see it as an opportunity for every business to step back and take stock of what works, what doesn’t, and how business should look down the road.”

“This is an opportunity to trim staff that wasn’t working out, promote those who are, and let go of products and services that no longer serve the businesses’ end goals.”.

We have a chance to try something new, to be daring, or to improve upon what is working, so it serves the business and clients even better,” she said. “The first step is to stop, take a breath, and look deeply at your business and your life to make sure they align with each other. If not, you have some work to do.”

Leadership is Vital

Feleshia Sams, of the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics, Alpharetta, Georgia, said planning is a huge key to success for women entrepreneurs, especially during Covid-19. Since creating a business plan is a massive task, many people don’t do it.

“I always tell my students to start small with a mission statement, goals, financial projections, budgeting, and finally marketing,” Sams said.

“Second, I would say to take on the mantra that failure is not an option,” she explained. “I never feel as if I can fail. If something goes wrong, regroup, and recreate. For example, if walk-in retail sales are down. Move online. If online sales are down, add more appealing products. Don’t give up and accept failure, regroup, and recreate.”

As a successful business owner at the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics, Sams works with myriad students and helps them grow. She suggests that “you should surround yourself with leaders who have and run successful businesses,” she said.

“My goal is never to be the smartest and most successful one in the room. I get so much knowledge from others who have done more than I have. By surrounding yourself with successful leaders, it will inspire you to keep pushing through,” Sams said.

Sams’ insights prove true during Covid-19 and will remain stable into the future.

Time to Create a New Media Mash

Tamara “Tami” Patzer, founder of News Digest, Inc., Englewood, Florida, sees Covid-19 as a pause and a perfect time to re-evaluate life and business balance. For her, operating a business from home was the norm. She quickly saw Covid-19 as an opportunity to stop and pivot, as Laura Steward suggested. Patzer agreed with both Feleshia Sams and Cristal Balk when it comes to leadership and out-of-the-box marketing solutions.

“While many people are new to online webinars and marketing tools, the online business world has been in development since the 1990s when the first websites were made public,” Patzer said. “The pandemic has just highlighted that work and business can flourish and thrive in both the online and offline world.”

Patzer’s News Digest Inc. media network helps businesses highlight their authority, credibility, and impact and influence.

“COVID-19 has highlighted a new media mash of old school media and social media that will be open and available to the average business person. Podcasts, news articles, videos, radio, TV, and major magazines are all part of the solution.”

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