Dr. Nutrition 360 is Like Having a Vitamin Consultant at Your Fingertips

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Nutrition 360 created its website and specialized supplement line to provide its customers with the type of individualized care they deserve. On the brand’s website, Dr. Nutrition has an option for customers to complete a questionnaire to best determine what they are looking for from their supplements, and match them with corresponding products. The website also has a list of simplified categories like Beauty, Bone and Joint, Cardiovascular, Energy, Immunity, Pregnancy, Stress, and Other. This list is designed to help customers easily connect with the type of supplements that would work best for their needs.

Company founder and CEO, Dr. Peter Ou says that he has encountered too many stories of people who buy quality nutritional products that just don’t work for their body. Without professional guidance as to which nutritional products will be most effective, customers can feel overwhelmed by the range of options on the market. With more than two decades of experience in the field of supplemental nutrition, Dr. Ou started Dr. Nutrition 360 to promote his passion for making holistic health products available to a wider audience.

Dr. Nutrition’s supplements are designed, developed, and manufactured in its large-scale laboratory and production space, an impressive 75,000 square foot facility that also houses its showroom, packaging, order-fulfillment warehouse, and corporate offices. The advantage of this vertically-integrated facility gives the brand a greater level of control over its products than the typical supplement brand.

As interest in supplemental nutrition continues to grow, more people are looking for a way to meet their needs with natural health products, while ordering from home. Dr. Nutrition has been meeting its customers’ needs since launch, and now the brand ready to take its products to the rest of the American retail market, with its online expansion into some of the United States’ most widely recognized e-commerce sites.

Dr. Nutrition 360 has products available through Amazon.com as well as various e-commerce retailers, with plans to continue to add to its expanding e-commerce presence in the coming year.

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