Deal alert: Learn AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with this $50 cloud training bundle

The convenience of the cloud is hard to beat. You’ve almost certainly experienced it first hand, whether it is saving your photos to the cloud so you always have access to them or pulling up an important document while on the go. When the cloud works seamlessly as intended, it’s hard to imagine saving files locally ever again.

The fact that cloud storage is growing means more than just more opportunity to save your files. It also means there is plenty of opportunity for a new career. According to tech analyst Gartner, public cloud services are expected to grow by 17% just this year, and will only continue to grow exponentially growing forward. As it grows, developers will be needed to build the infrastructure and keep it working as intended. You can join the ranks of those experts, and the Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle is a great starting point.

When it comes to the cloud, there are three companies that dominate currently: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. A recent analysis suggests that Amazon’s AWS owns about 32.4% of the cloud market, with Microsoft’s Azure taking 17.6% and the Google Cloud accounting for 6%. That accounts for a strong majority of the cloud market. Any developer looking to get into the business is going to need to know their way around these three platforms.


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The Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle has the courses you need to navigate these services. Start with a seven-hour study of AWS with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course, which will teach you basic cloud concepts as well as the way the AWS architecture works so you can build services on top of it. Check out the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course to get familiar with Microsoft’s cloud platform and how it is used to provide services to millions of people. The Google Cloud Platform: Associate Cloud Engineer course will prep you for the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam while giving you hands-on experience with the Google Cloud.

The Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle is valued at $1,180. Right now, you can save 95% off the retail price. That means you pay just $49.99 for this four-course collection. When you know the cloud, the sky is the limit for your career. Grab this deal while you can!

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Get the tools a System Administrator needs

Once you know your way around the biggest cloud platforms, it’s time to show your overall skills. That’s where the CompTIA Cloud+ course comes in. Over the course of 11.5 hours, you’ll learn what it takes to be an effective system administrator and manage cloud systems across a network. If you want a job at a data center, this course is the preparation you need.

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