Creative baker in Oklahoma City surprised to see business boom in 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In the time of social distancing and fewer weddings and parties, it may be hard to believe but a local baker says her business is thriving.

These are no ordinary cakes, though.

“I’ve been very, very lucky,” said Nicole England.  

She may consider herself lucky to be thriving in a year like 2020, but talent is what got her here.

She is an artist and her paint is icing. Her palette will likely please yours.

With thousands following her out-of-this-world work on social media, it may be hard to believe her career started when she got a promotion at a local grocery store at the age of 16. 

“I didn’t have any dreams of being a cake decorator when I was younger. I just wanted to get more hours in the bakery to fix up my truck,” England said. 

England started her own business in 2013, stepping up her work and selection of tools compared to that of a typical bakery.

“It’s just a regular mini torch and I was terrified to use it,” she said. “I don’t like fire and stuff so I was like I don’t wanna!”

Her favorite things to make are wedding and 3D cakes.

“Anything I can replicate to make it look like something real, I love that,” said England. “I like seeing the customers’ reactions. That’s the best part.”

Her portfolio is wide-ranging. 

“Most of the time, I ask my customers to send me pictures of their ideas just so I have a visual,” she said. 

England says she was surprised that business actually picked up this year during the COVID-19 pandemic; a time that’s been tough on almost every industry, particularly food service.

In fact, she’s booked almost the rest of the year.

She’s not sure why business has been so sweet in 2020 but she’s thankful for the support. 

“Can’t thank them enough for the trust that they’ve put in me,” said England. “It means the world to me I do believe I have the best group of customers in Oklahoma and just the best following ever.”

England says the best way to reach her is to message her on her OKC Cake Lady Facebook page.

She takes wedding cake bookings up to a year out and birthdays up to 6 months.


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