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The Cox Business Convention Center received a new “face,” a three-story glass entrance, as part of a $55 million renovation. CBCC announced it is ready to help clients go virtual.

Cox Business Convention Center added a new service and created studio production packages to help clients temporarily shift gears into online events.

The CBCC Video Production Studio is available for booking in the venue’s Legacy Hall, formerly Assembly Hall. The studio packages provide lights, stage dressing, audio and video and the ASM Tulsa/CBCC Technical Services team (technical director, audio Operator, camera Operators).

“With the CBCC Video Production Studio, we’re able to provide clients with an equipped studio space and an experienced team able to help create the content needed for online events,” said Seth Bailey, ASM Tulsa director of technology. “The ASM Tulsa team provides in-house audio, video and technical support for both BOK Center and CBCC. Many Tulsa businesses and organizations are already familiar with the quality service we provide.”

The studio was created to help clients create a program feed recording and the packages provide raw, unedited footage on an external hard drive. Additional equipment, labor and other services are available for an additional fee. The four-hour package is $2,500, and the eight-hour package is $4,000. The studio is now open weekly Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

A news release said CBCC continues to host live private and public events and works closely with clients, city partners and event planners to create safe and welcoming events. As an ASM Global venue, CBCC adheres to “VenueShield,” an advanced environmental hygiene and operational protocol developed for more than 325 ASM facilities around the world. VenueShield reduces physical touch points, increases venue sanitation and cleanliness, and provides health monitoring guidelines and services. CBCC is owned by the City of Tulsa and adheres to all city protocols while continuing to work closely with city partners in recovery.

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