Cheap Psychic Readings: Most Affordable and Inexpensive Psychic Chat Services Online

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to find answers to questions on life, love, money and relationships.

That’s where cheap psychic readings can be incredibly useful.  

Instead of paying large sums of $150 an hour, you can get the same quality readings for $30 an hour or less using the inexpensive psychic websites I’ve listed below.  You can also try out the many free psychic readings online to save even more money.

Cheapest Psychic Readings Websites, Ordered by Lowest Rate

  1. Cheapest psychic readings for $1/minute or less – Psychic Source
  2. Low-priced psychic advisors – Keen
  3. Most accurate readings online live on webcam – Oranum
  4. Best affordable psychics giving readings by phone – AskNow
  5. Free 3 minutes promotional offer – Kasamba
  6. Cheaper than most psychic websites – Mystic Sense
  7. Affordable psychic readers search by name or extension – MeetYourPsychic

1. Psychic Source – Cheapest Online Psychic Readings

As one of the most popular psychic reading services for more than 30 years, Psychic Source has gotten rave reviews from millions of satisfied users. If you’re looking for a cheap psychic reading, Psychic Source offers the following introductory rates to first-times users:

  • 10 minutes = $10
  • 20 minutes = $20
  • 30 minutes = $30

You can also get further readings at the generous price of only $44.99 per minute. Psychics are available to take your call 24/7. Most of the psychic readers here have 4.5-5 star ratings by clients. 

Psychic Source has psychics in a whole range of categories, including relationship, love and spiritual psychics. They perform various types of readings, such as astrological, tarot and rune stone readings. If you want insights into where your life is heading and which upcoming offers are for the keeps, a call to Psychic Source could set you on the right track.

As testimonials show, even the callers who were initially skeptical about psychic readings came full circle after speaking with the psychic readers at Psychic Source. Even if you just make one 10 minute call, that $10 could solve life-long mysteries and set your life on course for newfound success.

2. Keen – Good Site for Affordable Psychic Advisors

Keen is the psychic-readings source that people turn to for reassurance in times of doubt and confusion. According to Keen, its psychics have had 45 million meaningful conversations with 14 million happy customers. Best of all, you can get your introductory 10-minute call with a Keen psychic for only $1.99.

The way Keen works is simple. Once you create an account with, look through their directory of psychics for those that specialize in your area of interest. Whether you are looking for a psychic reading on love, career prospects or relationships, you’ll find an abundance in each category 24/7.

All calls are 100% confidential, anonymous and risk-free. Once you have your first 10-minute call with your favorite psychic, you can get additional minutes for just a few dollars more. Many of the five-star psychics at Keen charge as little as $3.99 per minute. They cover everything from clairvoyance to angel reading.

  • $1.99 first 10 minutes
  • Call or chat
  • 100% confidential

For your first 10 minute call, you’ll get to test-drive at least one advisor if you wish. Alternately, you could choose an in depth psychic reading with the advisor of your choice, all for only $1.99.

3. Oranum – Inexpensive Psychic Credit Deals

Oranum is a live psychics site especially optimized for modern-day internet users. The layout is similar to cam sites like Live Jasmin. Oranum psychics don’t charge by the minute. Instead, you purchase credits for psychic chat time when you register an account. As a new member, you’ll get 9.99 credits for a free first reading.

To contact a psychic, register an account with Oranum. You’ll need to enter a valid email address and choose a name and password for the site. Once in, you can redeem your free 9.99 credits and enter a chat with the online psychic of your choice. Oranum offers further credits in the following bundles:

  • 27.99 credits + 1.99 free = $35.99 (in-depth reading)
  • 67.99 credits + 5.99 free = $79.99 (awakened package)
  • 97.99 credits + 7.99 free = $112.99 (cosmic package)

Oranum accepts payments via PayPal, credit/debit card, Skrill, bitcoin and gift card.

Oranum features a side-bar menu for different psychic categories, including tarot cards, dream interpretation, astrology, numerology and palm reading. All the psychics that are currently online are visible in the scroll-loading thumbnail table in the center screen. You can also filter through psychics by language or customer rating.

4. AskNow – Low Rate Phone Readings

AskNow is a psychic hotline where you can ask a psychic reader any question about love, relationships and money. If you are uncertain about your destiny or trajectory in life, call their 1-888 number for a psychic reading. AskNow offers the following introductory packages:

  • 5 minutes free with a master or elite advisor (when you purchase the intro package)
  • $1 a minute with a top-rated advisor + 5 free minutes with a master advisor

AskNow offers psychic readings 24/7 to callers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom. You must be at least 18 years old to call.

AskNow bills itself as the most trusted name in psychic readings. If you don’t want to talk over the phone, you can speak with an advisor from your computer via online chat. The AskNow website has a directory of psychics who run the gamut from horoscope readers to love and relationship specialists.

Each psychic reader in the Ask Now directory is pictured next to a list of their specialties, prices, customer ratings, special offers and number of years in the field. Many five-star AskNow psychics offer readings for $1 per minute or 1 free psychic question.

5. Kasamba – Cheap Online Psychics with Free Trials

Kasamba is one of the most popular psychic readings services for 20 years running. The top of their website bears a purple banner that says “three free minutes with every new advisor.” As a newcomer. you’ll get those free three minutes along with 70% off your first session.

Kasamba boasts some of the best psychic reading professionals in the business. Kasamba has satisfied more than 4 million customers since 1999. They guarantee satisfaction with every call. Most of the psychics charge between 60 cents and $2 per minute after the 70% price reduction.

Kasamba offers psyching readings in a range of categories, including:

  • Tarot readings
  • Dream analysis
  • Career forecasts
  • Astrology readings

Look through their directory of top psychic advisors to see who’s available online at any given time. Each psychic has a handle, a photo, a list of specialties, a rating (usually 4.5 or 5 stars) and a review count. Most Kasamba psychics have received between 5,000 and 17,000 reviews from happy customers. Each psychic lists his or her going rate per minute, along with the savings you’ll get with your 70% discount.

6. Mystic Sense – Free Tarot Reading Online, Accurate Psychics

On its front page, Mystic Sense promotes some of the cheapest psychic reading online from 4.5/5-star psychics. On their featured table of online psychic readers, the starting rate is typically between 99 cents and $1.99 per minute. Moreover, you’ll get five free minutes with your first session.

At Mystic Sense, you’ll find a range of psychic-reading specialists, including those who cover divine information and love-life predictions. If you wish to speak by phone, Mystic Sense will connect you one-on-one with an expert phone psychic. You can also opt for a session via chat or video call.

To use Mystic Sense, you’ll first need to register an account with the site. To find the best available psychic readings, click the Browse All Psychics button and filter down your search. You can narrow the list down by rating, specialties, tools used (chakras, crystal balls, tarot cards, etc) and reading style.

The pricing rates on Mystic Sense vary by psychic. In a search of top-rated psychics who specialize in soulmates and “career and money,” the following rates are the cheapest:

  • $0.99 – $1.99 / min
  • $1.00 – $1.99 / min
  • $1.29 – $1.99 / min
  • $1.35 – $1.35 / min

Join Mystic Sense to redeem your three free introductory minutes and speak for as long as you wish with the cheap phone psychic of your choice.

7. MeetYourPsychic

MeetYourPsychic is the place to find cheap psychics by phone, text, message or chat. The site bills itself as the “home of the 5 minute guarantee.” On arrival, the first thing you’ll see is their low rate of $1/min in big letters. Additionally, you’ll get 3 free minutes as a first-time caller.

If you regularly frequent the site for psychic readings online, you can reap even more savings through their Psychic Cash Rewards program. Upon signup to the free program, your account will be credited with $20 in cash rewards that you can use for minutes with your favorite MYP psychic. Whenever you top-up your account, you’ll get an additional 3% in free credit.

After you have funded your account on 50 separate occasions, you’ll get an upgrade to diamond status and get 4% free credit with each additional top-up. At MeetYourPsychic , the rates and deals break down as follows:

  • First time callers: $1/min for 20 minutes (+ 3 free minutes)
  • Return callers: rates as low as $3.99/min
  • Psychic Cash Rewards members: $20 credit on signup, 3% credit per funding (4% at diamond status)

MeetYourPsychic advisors do everything from horoscope readings (daily, weekly, monthly) to predictions on money and love opportunities. The rates for a phone psychic reading will vary by advisor.

FAQs for Cheap Psychic Readings

How should I pick a psychic?

When you browse for an online psychic, check his or her ratings and specialties. As you look through the photos and credentials of available psychics, you’ll probably get a feel for which ones you gravitate towards. Some sites also have receptionists who’ll gladly help you find a match.

How do I know if a psychic is legit?

The advisors who offer psychic readings online are usually put through a screening process by the sites in question. Most psychic websites strive to maintain good ratings and customer loyalty. Therefore, they usually get the best psychics to do phone readings and chat sessions.

What happens during psychic readings?

When you talk with an online or phone psychic, he or she will ask you to relax. Once you ask your question, the reading begins. There will be a timer on the screen so you can keep track of your minutes.

How will the psychic connect with me?

The best psychic advisors usually have years of prior experience connecting with all kinds of people. They know how to put just about anyone at ease within seconds. They’ve had customers divulge all sorts of personal information. Chances are, you’ll quickly warm to your reader during your online psychic reading.

What if a psychic tells me bad news?

People typically come to psychics with questions about things that lie ahead, including negative stuff. Psychics avoid grim topics like death and illness, but they will be honest if you are on the wrong path. 

Should I take a psychic’s words seriously?

The best psychic readings will help you find the strength and clarity within yourself to make the right decisions. They use the information that you give them and do the readings. Whether you see it as entertainment or gospel is entirely up to you.

What should I do if I don’t feel comfortable during a reading?

Psychics do not judge, regardless of the information you give them. Most psychics will put you at ease. If you truly feel the chemistry is lacking for whatever reason, you can always return to the receptionist and be routed to another reader.

How do I pay the psychic?

Each online psychic reading site has its own payment protocol. If it’s a phone reading, the receptionist will walk you through the process. For cam sessions, payments are usually made with site credits.

How much is a psychic reading?

Each phone call or chat session could have a different rate, depending on the site or the psychic. After the introductory free minutes, the starting rate for readings is typically 99 cents.

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