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Sam Geaney is a female entrepreneur born and raised in Cleveland, OH. She is a former attorney and CPA turned 6-figure online business owner. Her goal is to inspire, lead, and create a world full of female entrepreneurs who are tired of the male-dominated, toxic corporate culture. She teaches other women her proven and powerful process to create their own coaching or consulting business, and live a life full of passion, inspiration, and freedom.

Sam Geaney


Cleveland, Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For the past several months, life for Sam had been rocky. She’d been at her corporate finance job for the past 4 years and weathered many storms. But lately, it has gone from bad to worse.

She was tired of working for someone else. She was tired of the male-dominated workplace. She was tired of the fear, blame, and lack of motivation that seems to accompany Corporate America.

She was ready to be on her own, and today, she was going to get her wish.

Her boss walked her into the HR area of the building and calmly told her she was being laid off. All her dreams – and nightmares – had come true.

Most people think getting laid off is the worst thing that can happen to you. But for Sam, it was the push she needed. Instead of fear, she saw an opportunity to go after her dreams. That day, she decided she would never step foot in an office again.

Within 4 months of being laid off, she was making her old corporate salary, but this time, she was doing it while working for herself (and less than 20 hours per week) doing freelance work.

By working with mentors, coaches, and changing her mindset and energy, she was able to accelerate a path toward success. In fact, it worked so well, she’s never looked back. 

Today, she helps other women in that same scenario – trudging into their dreaded 9-5 jobs – create online coaching and consulting businesses, so they too can live life on their terms.

With a signature program that takes her clients through her 6-figure business-building process, Sam helps them unlock their potential and release their fears around entrepreneurship and making money on their own. She’s focused on knowing her clients and how to get them through the inevitable challenges all new online entrepreneurs face. 

Most of the time, those challenges aren’t what people think they will be. Learning the business foundations and sales strategies is incredibly important, but the real barriers are mindset issues. Once her clients break through those, it’s like a light switch flips on.

Samantha also offers smaller courses targeted at learning your niche and finding clients, if you’re just getting started. But the most impact comes from her 1-on-1 coaching program, which will accelerate your business progress and move you forward the fastest.

She says she’s cracked the code and can translate that success to others when they’re ready. With an eye to the future, she’s hoping to help more women entrepreneurs break free from male-dominated industries, so they can create lives that are completely on their terms.

If you’re interested in learning more about her 6-figure online business program, you’ll find her information at

In today’s market, with so many people struggling with the pandemic, now might be the very time to grab hold of your dream and build something of your own. She says her business is strong regardless of the pandemic (she’s on the path to having multiple 6-figure years), and she doesn’t see it slowing down any time soon. She hopes you’ll join her for the journey, so you can expand your own opportunities and grow your dream business while leaving the suffocating corporate world behind you.

Live an empowered life and strive for abundance. This business coach is ready to help you soar. Be sure to check out the testimonials on her website to see how she’s helped other women explode their businesses. Also, be sure to check out her 1-on-1 coaching program that teaches you how to attract bigger, better clients to grow your business the right way. Work less. Make more. And meet Sam today at

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