Billions in grants for live venues, small businesses under Democratic stimulus plan

WASHINGTON DC — House Democrats have rolled out a new $2.2 trillion stimulus package that includes a wide variety of small-business relief programs, including billions of dollars in grants for live-venue operators and a second round of Paycheck Protection Program loans.

The legislation is the latest in a series of bills introduced by both Republicans and Democrats from both chambers in recent months. This new legislation is an updated version of the HEROES Act passed by the House in May, but not voted upon by the Republican Senate. The fate of this package, if it passes the House in the coming days, is equally unclear on whether it would receive a vote in the Senate.

Proponents hope its smaller scale, reduced from more than $3.4 trillion in the HEROES Act, could reinvigorate efforts in Congress to break the stimulus logjam. Democrats and Republicans have been divided over the size and scope of any Covid-19 pandemic-related relief efforts, with Republicans aiming for a smaller, more targeted package and Democrats including additional funding for state and local governments, among other programs.

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