13 startups at Target: Casper, Harry’s, and Gravity

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Though a popular business strategy for new startups today is to sell direct-to-consumer through their own websites, the practice often serves as a springboard for other retail opportunities, not an outright boycott. Direct-to-consumer selling hasn’t replaced brick-and-mortar stores; rather, it has helped redefine how to create brand experiences and nurture loyal customer followings. 

In a similar fashion, many online startups eventually find their way into popular retail stores that you’ve been shopping at for years, whether for a limited run or a long-term residency — Leesa mattresses and Burrow at West Elm, or MVMT watches and Lively lingerie at Nordstrom, for example. It’s just another way for these startups to get their products in front of more eyes, plus it’s undeniably convenient to shop all your favorites at one site and enjoy free shipping and return perks. 

Target is also home to many direct-to-consumer startups you might recognize. It’s a diverse bunch of brands: personal care, bedding, food, pets, and more. If I’m remembering my tendency to meander the aisles of Target correctly, it’s the perfect place to discover new and interesting brands, so it’s no wonder the following 13 online companies have decided to sell through the company.

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