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I don’t think you’ll make a million with the Lloyds share price. But you might with these cheap UK shares!

Our view here at The Motley Fool is clear as can be. If you want to make monster profits with UK shares then buying after stock markets crashes is a great way to do this.

It pains writers like me to see fellow investors sit on the sidelines in fear and waste this excellent opportunity to get seriously rich.

That said, not all decisions by UK share investors have left me with my head in my hands. I’m happy to see share pickers continue to give the Lloyds Banking Group (LSE: LLOY) an extremely wide berth. The FTSE 100 bank’s 60% cheaper than it was since the start of the year. And it tipped to fresh eight-year lows at the end last week.

Lloyds keeps sinking

GDP data released last week showed the British economy continues to recover from its Covid-19 troughs. Growth came in at 6.6% in July, according

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10 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Before Launching Your Business

Entrepreneurship is a journey that no one is ever fully prepared to take. No matter how much time you spent researching and learning things before you started, there are always things you’ll wish you had done differently in hindsight.

While you can’t prepare for every possible scenario, you can arm yourself for some common challenges and circumstances by learning from others’ experiences. We asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council what they wished they knew before they launched their businesses and what difference they think it would have made. Ten of them shared their insights below.

1. Raising Capital Is Harder Than It Looks

Raising capital looks so easy, as big rounds of capital seem to flow to almost every startup company, right? Wrong. Knowing that Silicon Valley

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