Xinhua Silk Road: Master Kong signs agreement with CSF to launch space instant food

BEIJING, Sept. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

Chinese food and beverage giant Master Kong, also known as Tingyi Holding Corp., on Wednesday signed an agreement with China Space Foundation (CSF) to launch China’s first kind of space instant noodles.

In the past three years of cooperation between the two sides, the CFS has injected aerospace elements into Master Kong’s corporate development, said Wu Jiexuan, chairman of the CSF, at the signing ceremony, adding that the two parties will strive to expand the scope for future cooperation and jointly contribute to China’s aerospace development.

James Wei, CEO of Master Kong, said that as a national brand, Mater Kong has always insisted on keeping pace with the country’s development, and it has vowed to contribute to the vigorous development of China’s aerospace industry based on the company’s development strategy.

The launch of space instant noodles is just a start. In the

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