Ordered Shut Down, Wrestling Business Saved By Mayor, Officials

EAST HAVEN, CT — For five years, former World Wrestling Federation wrestler Leonard Inzitari, known in the 1980s and 90s as Mario Mancini, and his partners including another former wrestler, former mayoral candidate “Big” Steve Tracey, have run Paradise Alley Professional Wrestling at 662 Coe Ave., in East Haven.

Unbeknownst to them, Inzitari said, their business is in a commercial zone that prohibits adult entertainment. But even if it was known to them, Inzitari asked Patch rhetorically, how is adult entertainment synonymous with wrestling?

In East Haven zoning regulations written decades ago, wrestling was included as being an adult venue. And that is what informed a Zoning Board of Appeal cease and desist order to Paradise Alley saying that the commercial zone where the business has lived for years does not allow a number of adult “personal services,” which, the zoning rules read, includes modeling, theatrical performances and “wrestling studios.”

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