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Mnuchin and Powell back jobless aid and small business loans :: WRAL.com

— Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Thursday that the government’s top priorities in any new economic relief package should be to provide affordable loans to small businesses and further support for millions of Americans still unemployed.

With the prospects for any new federal aid package appearing dim, members of the Senate Banking Committee pressed both officials to list improvements that could be quickly made in the nearly $3 trillion in support that Congress has passed to fight the pandemic-induced recession that has nearly 11 million people still jobless.

Democrats on the panel urged Mnuchin, one of the administration’s top negotiators, to work harder to persuade Republicans in Congress to raise the amount of money they would be willing to support in a new bill. And Republicans urged Democratic members to consider a lower amount that might clear

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Downtown Durham businesses hope online sales, outdoor dining will help them survive pandemic :: WRAL.com

— In addition to stunting the national and global economies, the coronavirus pandemic has changed how some places do business.

The Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill issued a study Tuesday outlining seven ways the pandemic is reshaping institutions, including people now shop online more and get things delivered rather than going out to stores.

Jeddah’s Tea, on Market Street in downtown Durham, never had a website before the pandemic. Now, the shop sells only online for delivery or curbside pick-up.

“We’re probably doing about 35 percent of what we were doing when we were open,” owner Morgan Siegel said. “It was extremely stressful. I would have nights where I was dry heaving and stressing out about how are we going to make this work.”

Siegel said she can’t afford to open for service inside

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Esper and Milley appear to adopt different strategies to deal with Trump as election approaches :: WRAL.com

— The Pentagon’s two most senior figures were so angry about President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attack on senior military leadership earlier this month that they got on the phone with the White House chief of staff to express their dismay, according to several defense officials.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley spoke to Mark Meadows after Trump accused Pentagon leadership of waging wars to boost the profits of weapons manufacturers.

“I’m not saying the military’s in love with me — the soldiers are, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy,” Trump told reporters at a White House news conference on Labor Day.


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Downtown Raleigh business reopens, thrives during pandemic shutdown with digital sales :: WRAL.com

— Like so many businesses in downtown Raleigh, the Zen Succulent had to close its doors to consider all that’s going on in 2020.

On Friday, Adela Li, the lead shopkeep, welcomed customers into The Zen Succulent for the first time in months.

“It was COVID,” she said. “That was originally the reason why we closed our shops.”

She said they took a week or two to think about what to do next, and how they should move forward.

Then, the two-year old Raleigh location was also damaged during downtown protests.

“It’s like one of those mad scrambles of like, well, now you have to reevaluate how you run everything and like how you communicate to people,” she said.

The store turned to its online presence to help save the store.

At first, their e-commerce website traffic was very low.

“We had been

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Cary mom launches online directory, support for families with high school seniors :: WRAL.com

Julie Stallman had big plans earlier this year after launching TriangleSeniorYear.com, an online business directory with everything families with high school seniors would need — from photographers for senior pictures to tutors for test prep to details about the college application process.

Then came the pandemic, forcing her to switch up her plans a bit. But she’s still been able to provide valuable content to a growing readership that has had to navigate senior years like no other.

The inspiration for the site, Stallman tells me, are her own two children — Ryan, 21, and Kelsey, 18. At the same time, the longtime marketing and graphic design professional also has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves developing new ideas. I checked in with Stallman, who lives in Cary with her husband, for more details about TriangleSeniorYear.com. Here’s a Q&A.

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