Khama Worthy trying to move up UFC rankings despite late start

LAS VEGAS — Khama Worthy was walking through the mall one day when a chance meeting dramatically changed his life. At the time, he was in his early 20s not certain what he wanted to do with his life and didn’t have a clear plan.

He was still years away from what turned out to be his true calling when a woman approached him in a shopping mall and handed him her business card.

She represented a modeling agency, and thought Worthy might make a good model. Before long, he packed up his few belongings, left his family in Pittsburgh and headed to New York, where he modeled underwear and the latest men’s fashion.

If Worthy had dreams of getting rich walking down a runaway wearing sharp clothing, he was quickly disabused of that notion. A 2019 GQ article noted that while the top 10 female models earned a combined

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