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Coronavirus layoffs send middle-class workers to lower-wage jobs

Californians need income and fast. Thousands of people who weathered the initial storm of pandemic shutdowns have started the hunt for new work. Faced with the most unforgiving job market in recent history, many are turning to the few industries hiring. Often, they’re the ones on the front lines.

A record number of Californians — more than 8 million — have filed first-time unemployment claims since March. The lucky ones managed a lateral career switch without too much financial damage, but as personal savings and emergency unemployment benefits run dry, an increasing number of middle-income and white-collar workers can’t afford to wait for their old jobs to return.

“There’s so many overqualified people who’ve lost their jobs applying,” said Debra Feleke, the hiring manager for a Safeway district that includes 21 stores in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. “Professors, I’ve had people with doctorates and masters. It’s really quite astounding.”

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Need help recruiting workers? Follow these ideas from Alabama business leaders | Columnists

Like most companies, for salary employees and employees of the two older workforce generations, conversations are centered around benefits, flexibility, work-from-home options and how well your company takes care of its employees.

But what if the situation is reversed and you don’t have a labor pool to hire from?

“We spent time looking at why people were leaving and started addressing it,” says Larry Burton of Wellborn Cabinet, which is the largest cabinet manufacturer in the US, and manages to get 1,400 employees to drive 30 minutes one way to work every day.

Wellborn Cabinet knew they had to bring the people to them and set long-term strategies in motion to move toward becoming not just a place people wanted to work, but THE place people wanted to work in Clay County.

Their benefits for employees and amenities are extensive – hiring bonuses, Pal Pay bonuses for getting your friends

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Meet Fraser Financial Partners: A Baltimore-Based 401(K) Retirement Plan Advisor That Creates Happy Retirement For Workers

Leading providers of retirement planning solutions, Fraser Financial Partners, continues to garner reviews for their 401(k) plan design and handling plan amendments service

Fraser Financial Partners has shown their prowess in providing a wide range of financial planning and wealth creation solutions to clients. One of the products that have helped increase the company popularity and acceptance in recent times is their 401(k) plan design and handling plan amendments service. The service is designed in line with the company goal of helping individuals and businesses to set up retirement plans that grow wealth and ensure every client gets the best possible returns on investments.

One of the biggest fears of workers is life after retirement, as many dread that the regular salary income earned as an active member of the labor market would come to an end. Consequently, products such as the 401(k) plan have been set up to help

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DOH thumbs down proposal to exempt workers from wearing face shields

In this photo taken on September 2, 2020, a shopper (L) wearing a face shield checks out at a supermarket in Manila. Many face the new normal in the Philippines, where it is now compulsory to wear both face masks and plastic shields in indoor public spaces and on public transport. (Photo by Ted ALJIBE / AFP) / 

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) on Saturday thumbed down the proposal of the business sector to exempt workers from wearing face shields.

“Hindi po, ang amin pong punto at posisyon mula po nung umpisa yung pagsusuot ng mask, yung pagsusuot ng face shield, yung paggawa ng physical distancing, yung paghuhugas ng kamay,” DOH Undersecretary and spokeswoman Maria Rosario Vergeire said during the Laging Handa online press briefing when asked if she agreed with the business group’s proposal.

(No, our point and position since from the start is wearing of

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Neiman Marcus reduces store workers amid review of business

(Bloomberg) — Neiman Marcus is reducing the size of its store workforce as part of a reassessment of its business as it emerges from bankruptcy.

The department store said it began laying off some store workers on Wednesday after a reorganization of staff at its Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman locations.

“We are evaluating every part of our business to ensure that the company is positioned for long-term success,” Neiman Marcus said in a statement. “We plan to separate from selling and non-selling associates.”

Neiman Marcus has been closing stores throughout the year, including the New York flagship location it opened in 2019. The company plans to close its store in the Natick Mall next year.

The company declined to disclose how many employees would be affected by the cuts. Some new positions will be added for customer service and personal styling.

Neiman Marcus is emerging from bankruptcy this month

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Bleak Winter Ahead For Central London As Workers Told Not To Come Back To The Office

The return-to-the-office plans of companies big and small and their landlords, the recovery prospects of cafés, bars and restaurants — all have been torn to shreds by the government’s announcement Tuesday that Britons should go back to working from home if they can. And with those plans go the hopes that 2020 might see a rebound for central London property owners.

“This will be devastating for a lot of businesses that were already struggling,” London Property Alliance Executive Director Charles Begley told Bisnow

For the businesses that rely on office workers, in the retail, leisure and service sectors, another prolonged period with massively reduced footfall presents an existential threat if the current safety measures are not supported by government financial assistance.

An empty Liverpool Street Station in London.

And for office owners in areas like West End, City and surrounding districts, the advice for staff to work from home

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Congress’s failure to pass stimulus carries devastating consequences for workers, small businesses

  • Congress is gearing up for a major Supreme Court nomination battle, absorbing most of the attention away from another coronavirus relief bill.
  • The GOP’s swift action on the high court appointment is a stark contrast to their reluctance to approve additional stimulus spending earlier this year.
  • “It’s like coasting up a mountain where every further inch that you go, you risk stopping and begin to go backwards,” Evercore policy economist Ernie Tedeschi said.
  • The prospect of additional aid to individuals and businesses is extremely slim before Americans cast their ballots on November 3, given the Supreme Court battle underway.
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With a fierce Supreme Court replacement battle underway, Congress is shifting its attention away from passing another coronavirus relief package. Senate Republicans under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are moving swiftly to confirm a third Supreme Court justice appointed by President Donald Trump.

It’s a

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U.S. Labor Department Could Make It Easier to Treat Workers as Independent Contractors | Investing News

(Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Labor on Tuesday said it would soon propose a rule that could make it easier to classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees, a major issue for the “gig economy” and other industries that use contractors to contain costs.

During a phone call with reporters, senior department officials said the rule, if adopted, would provide courts with a “cleaner and easier-to-use process” than the complex multi-factor test currently applied in lawsuits alleging workers have been misclassified.

Independent contractors are not entitled to many of the legal protections afforded to employees, such as minimum wage and overtime pay. Employees can cost companies up to 40% more than contractors, according to several studies.

The labor department will publish a formal proposal by next week, the officials said, and adopt a final rule by the end of the year.

Under the proposal, a worker would be

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Tipped workers, business owners to address wage proposal

LAS CRUCES – The city council will hear from business owners this morning, as well as from tipped workers like restaurant servers, in response to Mayor Ken Miyagishima’s proposal to temporarily lower the tipped wage in Las Cruces.

Most city councilors have said they’re opposed to the mayor’s idea to temporarily reduce the city’s tipped wage from $4.20 next year to $2.55 an hour, to match the state wage. The mayor has said it could help ease the burden on restaurants struggling to survive under capacity limits imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because it’s a work session, no official action can be taken by the council.

You can follow along live here. Refresh the page every few minutes to see updates.

8:40 a.m. The city will also be broadly discussing the upcoming minimum wage increase in 2021, which includes the tipped wage. Because the state’s increase will be higher

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Trump admin races to raise H-1B visa hurdles for skilled workers | US & Canada News

The administration of United States President Donald Trump is racing to toughen the process for US companies to hire skilled foreign workers before the end of the year, changes top Trump officials argue will preserve jobs for Americans amid high unemployment and be politically difficult to reverse.

With just weeks to go until the November 3 election, the White House budget office is reviewing a fast-track regulation that would narrow the definition of a “specialty occupation” eligible for a skilled-worker visa under the H-1B programme, according to the budget office website and administration officials.

A second fast-track regulation would raise the wages that employers must pay to demonstrate foreign workers will not displace Americans in the same occupation and geographic area.

Trump faces re-election on November 3 and has made immigration a focus of his campaign against Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The measures – along with a planned regulation to

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