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Worcester Living: While adapting to new reality, three independent bookstores strive to make Worcester a ‘literary hub’ – News – telegram.com

Stepping into a bookstore means possibility: shelves full of brightly colored titles; the sharp, clean smell of books. There might be armchairs for reading, or the scent of brewed coffee in the air. No matter the decor or the locale, an afternoon of browsing offers worlds to explore or to revisit.

In the past decades, the advent of the internet and online book buying has challenged independent bookstores, driving many to close and others to barely hang on. Indeed, even the big chains have been affected, driven into bankruptcy. Many communities have been left without a bookstore at all.

That’s no longer the case in Worcester.

In the past two years, the city has been lucky enough to welcome not just one but three new independent bookstores, all owned by couples committed to the city and to the life of books. Every store has a unique ambiance and approach, and

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Politics and the City: Development in Worcester full ahead despite pandemic – News – telegram.com

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the brutal impact it has had on the country’s economy, development interest remains quite high in Worcester.

In fact, it seems the city has not missed a beat in that regard.

While development interest in other cities has slowed or all but come to a standstill in some cases, Worcester has been able to maintain and even build on the pre-pandemic momentum it was enjoying.

One only has to look at all the business that has been taken up by city’s regulatory boards and commissions over the past six months, whether it be actual project plans or zoning changes to facilitate future development.

The fact that boards and commissions have been so busy during the pandemic underscores that continued interest in Worcester, whether it be in the downtown or the neighborhoods.

Things are indeed still happening in Worcester.

Among some of the projects moving through

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‘Opportunity abounds’: EforAll arrives in Worcester this month with free courses to help entrepreneurs’ ideas become reality

What lies beyond the pandemic? MassForward is MassLive’s series examining the journey of Massachusetts’ businesses through and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.


National unemployment has been hovering at or above 1 million claims for months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that’s suffocated many small businesses.

The economic uncertainty breeds one thing in the eyes of John Esler, who is leading the effort to bring EforAll to Worcester.

“Opportunity abounds,” Elser said. “That’s what entrepreneurship is best at, looking at the opportune moment and seizing it.”

With eight locations across Massachusetts, EforAll has been in the state for about a decade. Its goal is to provide entrepreneurs a free education to better help their ideas translate into a successful business.

EforAll plans to launch in Worcester in September.

“Out of crisis come fantastic businesses,” Esler said. “I think it’s going to be a time where our students and those

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